A Cruel Humans And God

Contradiction Of Cruel Humans 

What is the cruelty and injustice that man has not done to his fellow man.? In the field of cruelty, man has put all the animals to shame. But I consider the greatest human cruelty and stupidity to be polytheists, which man does by himself. That is why the kind God says how cruel man is. A human being is so full of pride and arrogance that he considers himself to be greater than others, even though he is less capable than others. There is so much contradiction in the personality of such a person that the next moment, this arrogant person prostrates himself before stones and images. Somewhere he is rubbing his nose in front of a person like himself, and somewhere he is bowing down in front of a sign for the sake of his own interests.

Here, a man takes the form of a puzzle that
becomes impossible to understand. But this puzzle is well understood when God’s inspired books are studied. It is natural that when a person sees a great attribute that he likes but does not exist in him, he becomes very fascinated by this attribute. Or those attributes that seem to fulfill his material and mental needs—such attributes that even the most arrogant person is captivated by. Thus, when some people bowed down to men because of their low knowledge and low qualities, other people also started bowing down in their imitation. In this way, in a short period, a large group would bow down before the earthly god. In this way, everyone’s claims of pride and arrogance are destroyed.

The Most Disgusting Act to God Is Polytheism

God dislikes human pride and arrogance. But the most disliked act of man is bowing down to man for the sake of a purpose. God does not forgive any type of polytheist. Because the first advice of every prophet of God is to bow down to God alone. All the prophets were to free man from all kinds of slavery created by man and to connect man with man in a relationship of mutual respect and goodwill. The Prophets of God taught man the lesson of slavery to God only: God is the Lord, Creator, and Sustainer of man, and only God is the Hearer of prayer. Only God is the judge of life and death, and He will give life again.

God says in His holy book Quran that “If God wants to cause you pain, there is no one who can save you from this pain” and then says, “If God wants to bring you benefit, then there is no one who can prevent the benefit from reaching you.”God used to say in his book that everything in the universe is praising God; it is a different thing if you do not understand their language. God says that when I command something, it comes into being before the blink of an eye. He says all this so that a weak person may go astray and start believing in someone else as God.

God says that man is very weak, impatient, and hasty. When a person is faced with a problem, instead of being patient and asking God for something, he bows his head when he sees the solution to his problem. Some fall in front of an idol, some fall in front of a human being, some fall in front of a picture, and some fall in front of a sign. This is how you see it: the followers of every religion have become followers of many gods. Although God says to everyone that only I can remove suffering and only I can give happiness,. He also says that I can forgive every sinner, but not the sinner of polytheism.

 Result Of Polytheism

God gives a beautiful example of polytheism. A polytheist is like someone who falls from the sky and is picked up by a vulture on the way or below. When a person has the belief that there are people who can solve his problems in this world, then his faith is severely dented. Innumerable bad patterns are created in his character and thinking. The worst kind of slavery is born in the human heart and thoughts. You have seen that crores of people consider it a blessing to touch the feet of a character like themselves.

The problems in this world are solved even by those who do not believe in God. Just as parents do not become indifferent to their spoiled children,. How can God, who is the Creator and the Merciful, be unrelated to His creatures? Because of this rusty and pagan concern, the Jews have been lying before a lifeless wall for centuries. The Hindus have prostrated themselves before stone idols. Christians have been apologizing to their priests and the Pope, and Muslims are licking graves. And at the same time, they are all worshiping someone like themselves. By this action, it seems as if they are saying, Who is God? Who is God?

It is a matter of common sense that everyone can easily understand. Suppose a person faces a legal problem, and his problem or action is also legitimate and legally correct. Another person advises him that if you have a good recommendation or if you arrange a bribe, then your problem will be solved. So what is your opinion about such a judge? Of course, that judge will be very corrupt. Now, if we pray to our merciful God to solve a problem, can we imagine that our merciful God will not listen to us?

Although the Merciful God repeatedly tells the man in his holy book, Call me, I am nearer to you than the aorta. What God has emphasized most through His prophets and revelations is that man should not imagine that any problem or event can happen to him without God’s will. Man is so cruel and stupid that he leaves his duties and makes a hypocritical and stupid attempt to fulfill his worldly needs through polytheism.

God Has All Power

When a person truly believes in God and knows that nothing can happen in the world without God’s will,. All his hopes are lost in man and attached only to God. Man’s only responsibility is to make sincere efforts according to his abilities. The success or failure of this effort depends only on the authority of God and not on any human being. From this day on, there will be a revolution in human thinking, action, and society. All prophets came to this world to bring about this revolution. A follower of the religion who follows this thought and obligation is the inheritor of the Prophets; one who does the opposite is the inheritor of Satan.

We fools and sinners have given the color of God to some people; otherwise, the reality is completely opposite. The Merciful God has denied the authority of any human being in His revelation in these beautiful and thoughtful words. Almighty God says, Who is there who can turn night into day and day into night without God? God says, “If I make the water bitter, who is there to make it sweet?”Who is there without God to make the earth green if God makes it barren? The Creator says, Who is it that can bring the living to life and the dead to life? Who is there that prevents the sky from falling? Is there anyone who can rock the earth from its rotation? Is there anyone without God who can stop the sun from giving light?

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