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Organic Food and Health

by Izat Khan

Natural Food

The journey of man, which was from nature to the man-made world, has now returned to nature. Although this return is slow, it will soon be complete. The first step, or journey, is toward natural food. Man’s journey toward nature is still confusing. Although nature and natural food are inseparable,. The journey towards natural food should be revolutionary.

Because man has suffered a lot of health and psychological problems,. The main reason for this is man-made food. But the food industry, its related industries, and their facilitators have become a mafia today that has lured billions of people with their misleading literature and advertising. Look at the long-term helplessness of a man in front of a man like himself. Nature, which is not helpless in front of anyone, has come to the fore. Nature itself has forced man to think that nature is man’s mother and that what nature feeds is pure. Every man-made food may please our tongue, but it spoils our health. 

All modern research has agreed that industrially produced food products and most of the new human methods of preparing them are not good for our health. Some of these products and methods are very dangerous for our health. Recently, in the Kashira Center of Japan and America, these foods, methods, and products have been declared harmful to health. From this, we can clearly understand how much damage we have done and are still doing. Governments and doctors are not guiding us much. This indifference is no less than a great crime and moral sin.

Doctors And Natural

We should salute the scientists, doctors, and governments who are guiding us toward our original natural foods and natural methods. Scientists in Japan have declared that food made from microwave wool is extremely dangerous. That is why the microwave industry is being closed in Japan. South Korea and China are closing this industry completely by 2023. The Kashira Cancer Center in Japan recommends that refined oil should not be used. Soybean oil, which is produced naturally, is recommended. Hedge with nutritional cubbies. Give up soda. Give up refined sugar. Experts say that food cooked on high heat in an iron pan is not prepared but is wasted. Never drink cold drinks in plastic bottles. 

In this way, in my opinion, 100% of industries, hotels, and 95% of households are consuming wasted food. Experts say you shouldn’t get a prenatal mammogram except for an ECG.

Don’t wear tight pants and shirts. Eat plant extracts and pulses instead of meat. As soon as you wake up in the morning, without brushing your teeth, drink a full glass of water according to your body temperature. Eat mild, warm food. Drink fresh juices of aloe vera, lemon, malta, ginger, and carrot. Do not refreeze semi-frozen food. Never drink cold water from a plastic bottle kept in the refrigerator. Avoid deodorizers.


The American Physicians And Natural Foods

The American Physicians Association has also recommended that, to prevent cancer, do not put too hot or cold food in a plastic container. Thus, avoid food wrapped in paper and cardboard, such as chips, etc.  According to these experts, plastic causes 52 types of cancer. Give up all cold drinks, especially those in plastic bottles. Do not stay up late at night. Nature has made the night for rest, not for business. Do not eat heavy food at night.

If a person does this for his life, happiness, and health, then apparently the industry will lose billions of dollars, but the hidden benefits will surely be trillions of dollars. Whenever health problems were given honest and sincere attention,. If the mafias of the food industry are not listened to, then the entire food industry, hoteling, and related industries will have to be restructured. We will have to make fundamental changes in health principles and even medical syllabuses.

If we do not do it soon, the dream of human health and its related problems and happiness will remain unfulfilled. I think the worst and most important problem in the world at this time is food and health. This work does not require reforms; rather, we need revolutionary measures for it. We will immediately have to come back to nature, the soil, and the origins of producing our natural food naturally. We will have to be very conservative in this regard.

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