Natural Foods and Health

by Izat Khan

Food And Health

Friends! Please do not eat food until you know the temperature of the food, i.e., whether it is cold or hot. Do not eat in this way unless you know the temperament of your body. Then fasting is better than eating.Our body being weak, lethargic, or tired is a sign that we are eating the wrong food, and we do not know the temperament of our body. The knowledge of being hot, cold, or moderate is essential for staying fit. If you have the knowledge and are eating food according to your mood, then you will definitely get fit.Your health will be sound.

Today I am going to tell you about two wonderful gifts from God for His creation. These are cloves and fennel.

Clove Is an Amazing Food

Clove is a small, dried natural flower. It is used as a spice in human food. Nature has gifted it with many benefits for human health. Clove has a lot of nutrients in it. It has a very warm effect. Cloves are a treasure trove of strength for a cold-tempered and weak body. Chewing two cloves a day produces a lot of energy. This food is an excellent medicine for the human mouth and teeth. It strengthens human bones. It builds immunity in the human body against cancer.
Cloves accelerate the digestive system. It is very effective for bacterial infections and pain in the body. This food also regulates your blood sugar. It is very useful for infertility. It is very helpful in preventing gastric ulcers.

Temperament Of Food

But keep in mind that all these benefits are only for the body. I don’t think it has any special benefits for a warm temperament. Hot-tempered bodies can eat one clove a day on days when they start to drink a lot of coffee or tea. But as soon as their bodies start to heat up, they should stop using cloves immediately. For cold people, they should use cloves mixed with milk. This food will give them great energy in a few days. It is a special and very nice gift for someone with a cold temper.

Fennel is a fragrant seed. It has a less cold temperament. It is useful for warm-tempered bodies. Fennel is very good for our hot stomachs. It is the best medicine for most of our stomach problems. This food has very soothing effects on eyesight. Fennel improves our brain and bladder functions. This food has amazing and pleasant effects on the human liver. If fennel seeds are eaten a few days before ripening, their usefulness is much better. This fennel is a nice medicine for women. Fennel greatly improves the hormonal system of women.
It also causes the body to excrete waste products, which makes the face glow. Fennel coffee has magical effects. Obesity has become a big problem today. People use many medicines to get rid of obesity, which is harmful to their health. Fennel powder is considered to be the best medicine for obesity. Its constant use solves this problem to a great extent. Especially for those who have just started with obesity, it is an elixir.
This food is good for breastfeeding mothers because it increases the amount of milk. Fennel coffee is a medicine to keep our blood pressure in balance. People who suffer from gas from drinking milk. If fennel is mixed in the milk while heating it, their complaint is greatly reduced.

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