Blessed Food

 Blessed Food

This is natural; blessed foods are available to everyone, exist in every place, and have a very low value in the spirit of economics. But rationally, this is not the case at all. Like oxygen, it is free everywhere, but its importance and usefulness are very high. The same is the case with a few foods. The food that everyone has and consumes every day, its importance is underestimated. In fact, it is nature’s blessing to man that the blessed food element is being used every day, and every man does it, so nature makes special arrangements for its production so that it is within the reach of all.

People who believe in God also believe in the fact that the benefits of such food are greater than those of other foods. They believe in modern medicine and research about such foods, but they are not satisfied. They believe that the full benefits of such blessed foods are yet to be explained. If not today, then in the coming years, research will reveal the fact that such foods have tremendous benefits for human health.

Miraculous and Blessed Foods

Today I am going to talk about one such naturally blessed food. Secondly, because those friends are very sensitive about food and health, this blog will be very important for them. Friends, why does the fruit or vegetable that grows in summer not grow in winter? The full understanding of its reality belongs to God, but the human intellect also understands the reason. Wise people say that the fruit should be eaten in its season. The talk should be done when it is time to do it. And at the same time, they also advise bitterly that if you remember the slap after the fight, you should take that slap on your face.

Therefore, every person should eat fruit or vegetables in a particular season to improve their health and get all the benefits of the respective food. If a vegetable or fruit is not eaten in its season, its usefulness is reduced considerably. The food that I am going to talk about today is used every day throughout the year. Nature has freed its usefulness from the confinement of the weather. But nature has given this feature to this blessed natural food: if this food is consumed from May 15th to July 15th and in the afternoon, its effectiveness is doubled.

Onion Has Natural Blessings

The name of this natural food is onion. A man has been eating onions for unknown reasons. Apart from sweet foods, it is a major component of every food. The onion crop is ready in the summer. It is a precious gift of nature for warm-tempered bodies. Because it is a food with a very cool effect. I have written in many blogs that most bodies and foods have a hot temperament. Because of this, people spoil their health by eating foods contrary to their body’s temperament. Second, foods that are not compatible with your temperament make up a very small portion of your body.

Eating against the mood is often suicidal.

Based on my experience, I say with full confidence that for people who have a hot temperament and live in a hot region, these onions are their complete diet. I consider every disease except bacterial diseases to be caused by incompatibility with temperament. As soon as you eat food against your temperament, you will fall ill within a few days. If you don’t start eating according to your temperament within a few months, you will suffer from some deadly diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and stomach disease. If hot-tempered bodies start consuming more hot food to stay healthy, it’s like trying to put out a fire with gasoline.

Two Great Hidden Wonders of Onion

Friends, you can see the benefits of the onion by Googling, but you will not find the two benefits that I am going to describe. I am saying this based on my personal experience over many years. You can see for yourself by doing this for a few days. As I wrote above, from May 15th to July 15th, if a person eats an onion daily, his health becomes amazing. Its procedure is to cut half or a whole onion every day and wash it with salted, clean water. Take fresh wheat bread from the oven made of clay, put half or a full spoon of pure ghee on it, and eat it with an onion. This simple and natural act should be done in the afternoon. I can say with certainty that the health of this person becomes enviable after these two months.

Onion and Sex

Based on my experience, I have come to believe that during these months, nature would have put all the vitamins in the onion. The second gift of this natural food is that it is unique. The pleasure and fascination of human sexual desire have been greatly reduced due to the mental disorders and artificial food of the modern age. To meet this shortage, people are spending billions of dollars on modern medicines. These medicines have dangerous effects on health and cannot give the desired results.

Onion is such a cheap and harmless food that can be used as medicine for this purpose. Its usage method is very easy and simple. Hot-tempered bodies eat one onion every day as a salad in the afternoon in summer. Cold-tempered bodies can consume it for four days in the summer. In the winter season, hot-tempered people should eat for four days and cold-tempered people should eat only one day. At the same time, in summer, take a glass of milk in the evening and two hundred grams of jaggery after a few minutes. If it is winter, add a spoonful of honey to the milk. After ten days, weak bodies will feel the new strength in the body, which will lead to lasting and natural pleasure.

People who follow this routine for a lifetime are very healthy in terms of sex. Especially hot-tempered bodies consider onions to be nature’s best gift.

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