Cleanliness,Food and Body

Importance Of Cleanliness

Cleanliness is half of faith. Cleanliness is half of health. Then what happened to the other half? Let me tell you what the other half is. Unless the other half is clean, it is like eating food in which one part is clean and fresh while the other part is tainted or stale. The second part is your conscience. When you have poisoned half of your body and its organs with negative thoughts and emotions, then surely your clean food will go into the body and become toxic and not make fresh blood. Friends, it is not only important that your food, body, and environment are clean, but your conscience is also more important for a healthy life.

You will have seen that millions of people do not get fit despite the best treatment and diet and millions get fit with a very simple diet and treatment. There is not so much mystery in human life that cannot be fully understood by man. There is a big difference in the quality of food and environmental cleanliness between poor countries and rich countries. The main reason is ignorance and lack of resources. In many areas, there is so much difference between the cleanliness of the food and the environment that the people living in a clean environment are forced to think how these people are alive with this dirty environment and bad food. Then the next moment their bewilderment increases when they see many people more fit than themselves or suffering from the same ailments with a slight difference in their clean area.

Cleanliness Is a Mystery?

But the situation of diseases in both places is not much different from other nations which are far behind them in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. I thought a lot. When I reached a conclusion, some facts would have negated my research. I persisted in this research. Finally, I came to a conclusion with which you do not have to agree. I will definitely make a request that you first be sure to research this topic for a few monthsÛ”

The research’s single topic is that those nations suffer from such diseases with little difference despite having a clean environment, clean and nutritious food, clean water, modern medical facilities, modern medical advice to stay fit, and a lot of financial and social resources. The diseases of these developed and educated nations are the same as those of nations with extremely dirty environments, less clean and less nutritious food and water, lack of medical facilities and advice, and many financial and social problems.

The main reason that came to me is that if a human being who is the soil itself is connected with soil from childhood, nature gives his body a very strong immunity. Provided that the soil is clean and not the waste of the city or town. I have found very strong those who are often connected with clean soil for two or three hours out of the twenty-four hours. And I saw a decrease in the immunity and endurance of people who lived or live far away from the soil.

Medical Science

I have seen several poor people who in medical science should have died long ago and succumbed to some deadly disease, but they were in better health than the advanced people. This is no less than a miracle or a mysterious sight. You can go to a poor country and see thousands of places. But it’s not a miracle, it’s a miracle of living in clean soil. Cleanliness seems defeated there. I can say with certainty that if a person living in a clean environment is kept in a dirty environment with unclean food and water for a few days, he will suffer from a severe disease in a few days, even though crores of people living in the same environment are living happily.

Natural Process

It is a natural process for the poor to live with the soil and the soil to be connected with the food and body of the poor. The house and hearth of the poor are made of clay. As much cleanliness as he wants, a gust of wind has added dirt to his food and utensils. This practice is so common that he may have cleaned the dirt at the beginning, but another dust will spoil his efforts the next moment

Soil Is Healer

In this way, the soil and the poor or those who live near the soil became helpful and the soil has fulfilled its natural right of friendship, which makes a person stunned to think. I have seen it many times with my own eyes but also applied mud to a slight wound, and the wound healed. Provided that the mud was clean. In my childhood and many friends used to eat mud with great enthusiasm, Which used to be great fun and would satisfy the hunger of that time.

 But the cruel man has done injustice to the soil. Modern toxic agricultural sprays, various fertilizers, and industrial waste have badly degraded the condition and structure of the soil. Yes, that land is still rainy or where agricultural sprays, fertilizer, and garbage have not been used. Such land is still food and medicine for humans. But for those humans who have been living on this land since childhood.

Those who grow up in marble houses and those who use modern pots should avoid mud. Yes, if those people make their children have a permanent habit of playing with soil and walking on mud, sitting, and breathing in clean soil, then their children will Immune systems can be greatly increased, and simple food mixed with clean soil will make their body stronger if they eat it.

Cleanliness is a Relative Term

I have seen clean every place where no man lives. Man alone is responsible for spreading dirt and pollution in this world. Cleanliness by nature is something that every human being likes and should do. But keep in mind that some amount of clean soil is as important to us as clean clothes. Only human waste, industrial gases and their waste, animal waste, unruly population, and noise are very harmful to us, our food, and our environment. Their incorporation into our food, body, and environment is very harmful. Clean natural soil is self-cleaning. Adding it to pollution is nothing less than a great human folly.

The second pollution, which in my view is no less than any other, is the preparation of human food in artificial machines and packaging in mechanical equipment and style. It is in dire need of attention. Because no matter how hard a human tries, some or the other will be included in the deadly food. That particle will be from a machine or packaging or unnatural environment or human negligence during packaging. In this way, we take several small and dangerous particles of man-made food every day. I agree that people should do their every job by machine but at least they should do their food naturally with their hands.

 But it is sad to say that attention is far away, but mechanical methods and new mechanical methods are being increased. I can say based on my personal experience that if clean soil is all over your body and a few particles of clean soil are present in your food, then it will improve your health, while a few particles of dust from mechanical and human waste will affect badly your body. And if they are included in the food, they will prove to be poison for the body.

After all, I believe that if your conscience is dirty, the cleanliness of food, body, and environment are meaningless things for you. Whether you care about cleanliness or not, one day nature will remind you that bad conscience makes every part of the body dirty.