Creation Of Man By God

God Decided For Creation

When God decided to create man, the angels said, “Are we short of your praise and glorification?” God said, “You do not know what I know.God commanded the angels, when I had completed the creation of man, to prostrate him, and the angels obeyed the command of God except Satan. God sent man to the earth with the power of both good and evil. Through his messengers and himself, he gave a clear conscience of good and evil within every human being and gave man a free choice; now it is man’s own will to choose the good path or the evil path.

Animal And Angle

And she also told the man that the reward of goodness is heaven, and the punishment of evil is hell. In his book, God has said many times that the person who does not obey God and His messengers is worse than the animals. And the one who obeys completely is better than the angels.In every society in the world and in every era, there have been and still are a few people better than angels. Because without the existence of such people, it is not possible for this world to exist, and there is no justification.

God loves a few angelic human beings so much that He tolerates the abundance of bad people.There is so much stench of human brutality spread on the earth that for a person who is affected by this stench, angelic people are no less than a breath of fragrant and vital fresh air. You can call these people the jewels of humanity and the universe.

Because of these people, we are called the best and most intelligent creatures, but it is very wrong to say so. The best and noblest creatures are only those people who obey God and His Messengers completely. Otherwise, all the rest are animals. Form and function may be different, but quality may not be different.

Noble Creation By God

These few angelic people are the cause of the universe, the reason for the existence of the universe, the pride of the universe, and the reason for the desire for life. Let’s leave human hell for a while and walk into human paradise.

Good character is a beautiful crown on the human forehead, the makeup of the eyes, and decoration like blond hair. Great character is the charming blush of the lips and cheeks. It’s a charming pair of bracelets and earrings. It’s like a new and stylish pair of white and red clothes that everyone is ready to embrace.

A person who completely breaks the boundaries of himself and comes to the boundaries of his God. That person becomes the embodiment of mercy, justice, sacrifice, humanitarianism, and good language. He starts looking lovely to everyone, like a bride. Such a person forgets himself and his loved ones. He becomes the same as himself. He worries about everyone. He stops living for himself. He finds peace, comfort, and happiness only by helping others.

For him, the same day is not good when he cannot do more good for others. The inner world of such a person is amazing. In one corner of his heart, the pains of the whole world are piled up, and in the other, the joys of the whole world are piled up. These pains and joys are not his own, but they belong to others. But he has taken everything upon himself to help others.

God Bestows

That person starts living in such a way that he makes his motto that lives in such a way that people pray to live and die in such a way that people mourn your death. God bestows on him such a light whose light spreads forever in four directions, in whose light millions of people travel fearlessly in darkness.

He sees unity in everything in the universe. He sees everything as having the same mind and secret. That’s why those with clean and pure hearts say that even particles glorify, but they need clear and pure eyes to see it.

An old incident is recorded in the books of history. A Muslim pious man, Abdullah bin Mubarak, met a pious Muslim woman somewhere on a journey. This pious man asked this woman for any question in the light of human compassion, saying that there was no trouble in the journey, and then this pure woman answered every question from the revelation of God. After reading this incident, the human being is amazed that if human beings are worse than animals, then some human beings are greater than angels in greatness.

Unique Dialogue Of God’s Creation in History

This dialogue happened in such a way that Abdullah asked, “Where are you coming from?”

The woman “went from Masjid Haram to Masjid Al-Aqsa.”. Keep in mind that every answer from the woman is from the Holy Revelation. What Muslims call the Qur’an. Not a single word is out of revelation. All the answers contain verses. Pure people use only pure words. This dialogue is a very unique dialogue in human history and a reflection of human greatness.

Abdullah: “How long have you been staying here?”

Woman: “Three consecutive nights.”

Abdullah, “Is your food arranged?”

Woman: “God feeds and gives water.”.

Abdullah: “Do you have ablution water?”

Woman: “When water is not available, perform tayammum with mud for ablution.”

Abdullah: “Eat my food.”

Woman: “Complete your fast till night.”.

Abdullah: “Fasting is excused during travel.”.

Woman: “Allah knows best who does good.”

Abdullah: “God permits breaking the fast while traveling.”

Woman: “If you fast, it will be better for you.”

Abdullah: “Why don’t you talk like me?”

 Woman: “Not a word comes out of the tongue of man without the presence of a guardian appointed by God to write it.”

Abdullah: “Which tribe do you belong to?”

Woman: “Why do you want to know something that will not benefit you? On the Day of Resurrection, all the organs of man will bear witness.”

Abdullah: “I apologize to you.”.

Woman: “There is no grip on you today. God is forgiving.”

Abdullah: “Would you like to sit on my camel and meet your caravan?”

Abdullah saddles his camel“Get on it.”

Woman: “Tell men to lower their eyes in front of women.”

When a chaste woman rides a camel and the camel stumbles, the woman says, “Whenever trouble comes, it comes because of your own actions.”When Abdullah took the woman’s camel and set off on foot, singing loudly and walking fast, the woman said, “Be moderate in your voice and gait. God does not like boasting.”

The sky is seen without pillars. In reality, these people are the pillars. Because of them, sustenance is not stopped, nor does the earth stop giving sustenance, nor does the rotation of the earth stop. And no planet falls on the earth. Those people whom you will fall in love with after seeing. There are such people; maybe you have not seen them.

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