Cruel Emperors

Hypocrites And Cruel Emperors

Man is a really intelligent and great creature.

Life has been cut short by continuous oppression I don’t remember what the punishment was for the crime.

 Look at the lifestyle of the kings and nawabs of the past, their actions, and their palaces, and look at the standard of living of the common people So you will easily come to the conclusion that our emperors and their great courtiers were no better in character and thought than any wild animal. Why do people often remember the past? Although the past is often full of sorrow, suffering, hunger, and cruelty,. The truth is that today everybody says my emperors were worse than your emperors—cruel, ignorant, hypocrites, and liars.

Subordinates Were Also Like Emperors 

The past of East and West presents a scene of ignorance and a dark night everywhere.  In my opinion, history is only the story of the rise and fall of rulers and their courtiers. Common people have participated in their crimes, usually due to coercion, fear, hunger, or ignorance. But it is also a fact that a few bad people remain dictators over the majority of the population, which shows that the character of the majority of the people is the same as their rulers. Because their subjugation is not a compulsion but is due to cowardice and selfishness. Therefore, God says that I impose cruel emperors on the bad.

There have been some good rulers everywhere in history, but the majority were very cruel, ignorant, and of bad character. In history, it seems that this world is a movie of Baghdad city, and the Tatars are the invaders. We have this hypocritical and corrupt thinking that Genghis Khan was a tyrant and the people of World War I and II were enlightened. History tells us how greedy, authoritarian, dishonest, deceitful, and hypocritical a man is. How man becomes a worse beast and violates religion, relationships, and morals for the sake of power, wealth, lust, and fame.

Man is a cruel and savage creature.

After reading about many events in history, it seems that I am reading the story of another savage creature that disappeared from the world at that time. Although the bad conscience of man is the same as that of our ancestors, only the environment and circumstances have changed. In general, man is the worst and cruelest creature.

I will tell the story of our emperors first. The Prophet of Muslims said that we should not become infidels by killing each other. Then he said that the blood and property of one Muslim are forbidden to another Muslim. In the Qur’an of Muslims, which is God’s revelation, God said, “He who kills one person is as if he killed all humans. And Muslims claim that we love our Prophet and his commandments. We Muslims claim that we are the only true followers of God. But the reality is the opposite.

Even in the dreams of big drunkards, the sins committed by righteous people will not have occurred.

Short And Few Examples

The battle of Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Aisha, the battle of Hazrat Ali and Amir Muawiya, the accession of Yazid, the tragedy of Karbala, the battles of Marwan and Hazrat Zubair, the battles of Mukhtar Thaqafi, and the wars of Muhammad bin Hanifah are among the most famous events. As in the gruesome events, lakhs of very high-profile people were martyred. Many good names were tarnished. Didn’t these people have their own prophets and God’s commandments?

How did their nation treat the famous Muslim generals Muslim bin Qutiba, Muhammad bin Qasim, Musa bin Nasir, and Tariq bin Ziyad? Their deaths are enough to put them to shame in front of humanity.All these are the dirty deeds of our shameless emperors, which we ignorantly still take pride in. Although they were very shameless people at the time,

If you want to know in detail about a person or about a war, then read a Muslim history book. You will be amazed at how terrible and gruesome events have happened in history.

The fact is that every nation has the same terrible events. They had nothing to do with religion or humanity. These people killed religious scholars for their very high character. People whose teachings are still followed by Muslims very respectfully.They were preachers of peace and love and religious leaders of the Muslims of the time, away from the very good and dirty politics. The same scholars were killed by the same people during the era of these so-called great kings.

Wordly Point Of View

If we look at it from a worldly point of view, there were very good administrators and wise and brave kings during the period of the rise of Muslims. Among them, some were also appreciative of knowledge and art. But in the discussion of a good person in the entire Muslim history, there were only five good rulers that the Muslim Ummah can rightfully be proud of. The first four of them were the disciples of Prophet Muhammad. Hazrat Abu Bakr, Hazrat Umar, Hazrat Uthman, Hazrat Ali, and Omar bin Abdul Aziz were students of these four rulers. These were the rulers who met the definition of a great and excellent person.

The Truth

In the rest of history, among all the Muslim kings, there was no one who was called a man of great or good character and thought. Human history is full of lies. In ancient times, emperors had their employees as historians. They wrote what their king said. There was no freedom or democracy. Therefore, no one else could dare write the big truth against the king. The other person is so overwhelmed by prejudice that he puts his bad and incompetent ruler on par with the good ruler of another nation.

Every nation says and writes about its kings to impress other nations. Even if a historian dared to write the truth in some period, other hypocrites and false historians spread so much propaganda and lies against this truth writer that the truth started to appear as a lie. Every nation is naked in this bath. As a whole, in any aspect of life, if you look closely at man, you will find him to be a very evil, cruel, false, selfish, and hypocritical creature.


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