Depravity Of Humans


When people go to a general store, a grocery store, a medical store, or any other shop for shopping, 90 percent of the people are not satisfied with the price and quality of the item when they leave the shop, and this apprehension is proved to be true later. What will show the depravity of humans more than the fact that a regular art has been laid for buying and selling, which is based on lies, deception, and deceit, that is, how to sell a cheap item at a high price or how to charge double the rate of a valuable item? How do you lure and deceive the customer with a psychological attack? Human depravity has to be appreciated.

Whoever can trap the customer well and get a higher price is considered a successful seller or salesman. This means that in the world of the market, the one who is a big liar, fraudster, deceitful, and talkative is considered successful and a good person.

The situation in the third world is somewhat strange. There, 95% of the vendors are selling useless and harmful goods through lies and deception, including food and drink items in abundance, and this work is being done in collusion with the authorities of the time. Seeing this situation, it is strongly believed that man is a very lying, cruel, self-interested, deceitful, and hypocritical creature.

Flattery And Deception

Humans are resorting to sex to sell products like tractors and bulldozers. The art of forgery and adulteration has been invented. Sadly, the fire is not on one side but on both sides. We can depravity in every aspect. The goods bought through advertising and trickery are once again sold in small shops with new deception and new deceitful campaigns. The buyer is considered to be the intelligent one who buys the goods at a low rate with flattery and deception. The irony is that both the seller and the buyer seem to negotiate honestly and truthfully. The biggest sadness is that people are not even realizing this horrible depravity.

Bad Illusion

Is it the aristocracy of man or animalism? We have this very bad illusion that man is a great creature. There is not a single shopkeeper in the whole world who carelessly leaves his shop open, goes somewhere for some work, and returns to find his shop safe. Or any office, institution, or field is handed over to someone to work honestly and come back, and really, all the work has been done honestly. What is a human being? Only God knows better.

Suppose you abolish the punishment for every crime in the world for one day and all kinds of laws for one day. In a single day, a human being will change the map of the whole world. Humans will commit so many crimes and sins in one day that it will be difficult for angels to write. We will see those people who were once good people as devils. 99% of people cannot commit crimes and sins because of their fear of laws and traditions, and we think they are noble people.

Satan Is Just As Infamous

Even if you leave the religious places of worship open for a few days and observe the greatness of man, you will definitely come to the conclusion that Satan is just as infamous. Muslims do not care about Muslims, Hindus do not care about Hindus, Christians do not care about Christians, Jews do not care about Jews, and Buddhists do not care about Buddhists. And why do they all have enmity, resentment, hatred, and hatred towards each other?

All these passions are fire. This proves that man is always ready to burn for his false ego and self-interest. How cruel and senseless is man? Why are we allergic to schools of thought, humanity places, and places of worship and are always ready to drip resin to get into clubs?

We are enchanted by the beautiful sights of nature, but why rebel against the rules and regulations of nature? During the day, we participate in war with the oppressor, and in the evening, we weep with the oppressed?

Why do we love our dogs and bricks and show indifference and enmity towards our neighbors?

Why is the cost of stone carving in thousands and the cost of stone in millions?

If there is anger in the world, there is a fire in the country, and there is a rule of dacoits in the provinces and districts, we have no problem. But if our house is safe, why is this a concern?

Your hero is our enemy, and ours is your enemy. How about a hero?

This phrase has to be heard many times a day: What has happened to the man? Why has man grown to such a low position? Why has man rebelled against good and become so enamored of evil? Friends! This is not the problem today. Humans were like this from the beginning and will remain like this.

Only God Knows

Yes, God’s commandments, which are about punishments for crimes, are not enforced very strictly. At the same time, the law of the reward of good behavior is not enforced. Man cannot show goodness. God made man; God knows best how a man can become good.

We have seen by making wars to change human behavior. We have seen this by implementing human law. We have seen human behavior by giving education and training and not getting anything special in return.

This creature can never obey without the fear of punishment and the greed of its own interests. The divine order of hell is in front of us. Only this model can work best for men in the world. God has said that those who do not follow the divine commandments and do not act, and those who don’t work with their deposited positive thinking, are the worst animals.

It is also clear from this divine decree that no matter what a person does, if he does not follow my commands, then the same characteristics will be created in him as in the worst animal. Neither our O’ level will do anything here, nor the prison, nor an atom. Neither capitalism nor communism will be able to do it.

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