Devil and Human Badness

Human Devil

Thank you for the rotation time; I have seen every aspect of the world.

If a human comes down the right path, he is better than the angels. If not, the devil is just as infamous.

It is a common perception that a villager is more kind and good at dealings than a citizen. Let’s see these aspects too. The importance of water in villages is very high. Because every farmer’s livelihood is related to his crop. Crops are produced by water. Millions of water cases in court, thousands of murders, and crores of disputes are proof of how important water is in villages. We also know that the people of a village are usually close relatives of the same race, the same language, the same culture, and the same religion. Suppose you have a crop on a few acres and it needs water badly.


You tell a relative or friend that your crop needs water while it does not yet need it. When it is my turn to drink water, you should use mine. 90% of your relatives will not give you water. If you don’t believe that you often get water for your crop, then surely the interests of the person providing water will also be related to you. He will also be getting his interest from you.  If you are a poor farmer, You have to plow the land or do some other work. Ask your neighbor to plow your land without asking for money so that you can grow crops. 95% of the rich tractor owners can plow their homes instead of their land, but they can’t do it for free.

God decrees that people who do not act with wisdom do not do good deeds. Those who do not obey God and His prophets are worse than animals. We see this evil everywhere. That is why I consider man to be an evil creature.

Except for a few developed countries, where most of the work is done by machines, In the rest of the countries, most of the work in the fields is done by humans. This work is quite difficult. But in my 56 years of life, I have never seen a young man helping a feeble old farmer. I have never seen a laborer working hard in summer or winter without caring for his health, and his rich owner has praised him or rewarded him. Even if he gave it, God knows best with what intention.

We Are All Devils

It is about men, not rich or poor. Everyone is the same. Everyone is playing a strong role in the evil in their field. There is a lack of good intentions and humanity everywhere. It is also true that there are good and well-behaved people everywhere. But it is sad to see great people in such bad conditions; it is a pity. O greatness, pity for you, pity. 

The talk started with the so-called goodness of the villagers. If you are a villager, how many villagers are there who are heartily happy to see other good crops, land, houses, animals, or gardens? Rather, in this case, their color of envy is visible. It is customary in the villages to use each other’s agricultural goods and household goods. But these goods are given only to those who expect to be rewarded. Where one does not expect anything due to poverty, no one gives him anything. This person is likely to get the same thing that is left in the house. Man is a selfish and mean animal. Eyes have been longing to see humanity for a long time.

How many landlords have passed or are there in this world? How many have given a few acres or a few canals free of charge to someone in need? Or how many have given part of their property to the poor for subsidized cultivation for some time? Rather, you must have seen everywhere that the landlords have not only seized the property of billions of weak people but have also killed thousands of weaklings.

Innocent Devils

Let us look at the simple-hearted and compassionate villagers from another angle. Suppose you have small children and you don’t have cows or buffaloes for milk or money to buy. You sit at home, hoping that a neighbor will come from the village and bring a jug of milk for your baby. A relative or friend may do it, but they usually won’t. You have to bring milk for hungry and poor children by yourself, whether you beg or buy it. Within a few days, your romance with the villagers

will end. If there is a single humanitarian or sincere person in your village, he will bring milk without asking you and will bring it every day. Such people are present in every society. These people are slaves to their God and His prophets. And in reality, these great people are the leaders of human beings. Those people whom you fall in love with in life as soon as you meet them. There are also such people that you may not have seen. Somewhere lost in the crowd of the world, angels also lived with humans.

These are the people who do not allow the earth to suffer from earthquakes or the sky to melt. These are the ones who do not allow humans to turn away from society and turn to the jungle. These are the people who do not allow the earth to suffer from earthquakes or the sky to melt. These are the ones who do not allow humans to turn away from society and turn to the jungle. It is said that a teacher ordered his disciples to clean the synagogue well. When a disciple went out of the synagogue, the teacher asked the reason and said, “I think of myself as a very dirty thing. Therefore, I must get out of this place.

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