Doctors,Humanity And God

Humanity And God

by Izat Khan

Humanity Of Our Doctors

O merciful God! Look at your creation, man, and his humanity! Do not look at our black and dirty actions on the Day of Resurrection Otherwise, you will be very sad. Looking at the behavior and conditions of patients and doctors in hospitals and clinics, it seems that 90% of doctors are waiting and praying for epidemics and more patients. Today’s doctors want patients in all circumstances, just as a drunkard wants wine even if he has to rob it, or like kings of old wanted the heads of their enemies.

What about those doctors who insist on paying a pre-operative fee to a dying patient? This is what 90% of doctors think. Those doctors are taking millions from the poor and forcing them to beg for the rest of their lives. Those who are treating the disease without knowing it and doubling the patient’s disease. Those doctors are forcing patients to buy company medicines for their commission. He, despite being a millionaire, is neither giving free treatment to a deserving person nor giving free medicine to anyone. They don’t even give proper advice to a deserving person without a fee.

Millions of Proofs of Inhumanity

There are crores of patients in the world who cannot afford to buy two doses of medicine, but the so-called messiah is not ready to give them one tablet for free. Millions of people in the world are suffering from very painful diseases, and their treatment is also available, but these patients can stand outside and read the names of these doctors and their clinics but cannot go inside for treatment. How distressing this will be to these patients is impossible to describe.

In this world, millions and millions of people have suffered from diseases and died because they could not pay for doctors and their medicines. I have seen two or three percent of doctors who have compassion for human beings and humanity. That is why many people call doctors butchers, although a good doctor is like a prophet who solves human suffering

Others Like Doctors

99% of the world’s industrialists, capitalists, and landowners are always obsessed with the extent of poverty and the extremes of wealth.

99% of the world’s shopkeepers use all kinds of lies and deceit to sell their low-quality goods at high prices.

99% of the leaders do politics only for their passion to rule, and 99% of the followers also vote for them only for their own gain.

A large population in the world is engaged in agriculture. In my 55 years of rural life, I have not seen even a kind and simple-hearted farmer among myself and others who would make my heart melt and open my arms to meet him. Oh, world, what has happened to you? There is nothing like the wind or the moon in you. Neither the scent of your friend’s scent comes from anywhere, nor does the message of your friend’s sight come from anywhere.

 Will Of God

God has created man to do good. God has created heaven for gooddoers. He has ordered him to serve humanity. The conscience of every man keeps informing him every moment that this work and thought are good. But man has become so wicked and weak that he obeys the word of Satan and not his God.

Those people from whom our lives and future lives are formed. We also have unmitigated devotion and love for them. Despite their clear instructions and the advice of our conscience, if we cannot reform ourselves,. The coming of the Day of Judgment, punishment, and recompense are very certain.

Truths don’t let you breathe. Beautiful illusions are the wealth of life

O world, tell me why life should not sleep by making the earth a blanket. O Merciful God, I am very ashamed to call myself a human being. I ask for your forgiveness. 

God revealed in his holy revelation that on the Day of Resurrection, people will refuse to recognize their children and their wives, and the children will refuse to recognize their parents out of fear. And no one will be anyone’s friend or sympathizer. But this apocalypse has been established in the world today.

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