Fish Is Pure Natural Food

Fish Food

Do you know the temperament of all the food you eat and also the temperament of your body? If so, then surely you will be healthy, happy, and prosperous. If you do not know this about your food and body, surely you will have been sick. You deserve sympathy, but you must remove the lack of knowledge. In my opinion, every person should be taught this very important knowledge from childhood, but the state and parents should have a legal duty to teach everyone this knowledge and implement it. Because people will be healthy, society can be happy and prosperous. Parents should also fully realize that it is more important than training the child to be healthy.

Food And Ethics

Another factor that we do not keep in mind, which is very important for the health and happiness of the body, is our moral and spiritual health. If this foundation of ours is not right, all our lives, our bodies will remain crooked, fall soon, or look very ugly. If you have good morals, your thinking is positive, and you have compassion for humanity,. If you also know and care about your food, then water can be proven to be full of wealth for you. If not, then even gold will prove to be dust for you. Another important, or perhaps the most important, aspect in this regard is that the resources with which we buy our food should not be unfair or unethical. There is one God, and the Creator has also given complete instructions on our important needs, such as food. If we buy and eat food contrary to the instructions, how useful will that food be for our physical, spiritual, and moral health? Keeping all these factors in mind, we have to consume food. We will benefit from all the benefits of this food only when we consider all these aspects.

 Temperament Of Fish Food

Fish FoodToday, we will talk about fish. It is a very important natural food. But the problem is that this fish has a hot effect. All those people who live in hot countries and their body temperaments are also hot. Then fish are not for them. If they eat, it will cause more harm to them. Yes, they can use it once or twice a month in the winter season. If a person is physically weak, then they can use it three times a month. People from cold countries can use it five or six times a month if they have a cold-tempered body. Yes, if their body or stomach feels too hot, they should stop eating fish. Yes, if only fish boiled in clean water is eaten with boiled rice, the effectiveness of this diet is reduced considerably.¬†Any food that suits your body’s temperament should be considered rich in nutrients. Food that does not match your body’s mood is a slow poison for you, no matter how nutritious the food is.

Fish is very nutritious. Fish contains valuable ingredients such as vitamin D and vitamin B2, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron, magnesium, and iodine. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish eggs. Therefore. It is recommended as a good diet for heart and stroke patients. Man has become very restful today. Man today has lost the sunshine of being very restful, which is also the food of our body. It is a deficiency of vitamin D, which is well compensated by fish meat. More cold weather affects our lungs.

The fatty acids found in fish take care of the health of our lungs. This fatty acid also protects us from depression, which has become dangerous nowadays. For people who are mentally overworked or suffer from memory loss, fish meat is considered beneficial for their mental health. Fish meat reduces mental waste. This diet is very nice, especially for heart and stroke patients. This diet improves immunity in children with type 1 diabetes. The acid present in fish is very good for eyesight. It also helps in improving our sleep and eliminating nail acne caused by hormonal changes.

Fish Food Is Power

Fish flesh gives strength to weak bodies. It makes your skin glow. It makes your body immune to cancer. Fish from rivers and springs strengthen your weak stomach. But! But! But! How can you deny the facts I have stated in the first paragraph? Can you ever imagine enjoying your favorite food without worrying that someone is sitting in front of you hungry? Looking at the scene of your food with wet eyes. So how can that food give you vitamins? Even if it cannot produce the vitamins for poison at this time, it can do so at another time. This happens often; consciousness comes to us after some time, and by then it is too late. If you believe in one God, then you should have complete belief, which is everywheremystery, particularly in human affairs.

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