Food And Constipation

Foods Which Also Work as Medicine

Today we shall discuss four natural gifts, which are the best natural food as well as medicine, and treat well and naturally the constipation that is a great issue for humans. These are fennel seeds, raisins, olive oil, and cow milk. First, we talk about the mixed diet of fennel and raisin and its wonderful medical benefits.

Constipation is mother disease

I have selected these for a common disease, namely constipation. Some of my friends were asking me to write on this topic. Really, it is a troublesome disease for the majority of the population due to our wrong food and ill habits of eating. In the east, constipation is considered the mother of all diseases. The same is the of all early doctors of Greek. It is not a past view; it is still considered a very serious issue. Let us come up with a diet for this complex disease.

Fennel has a cold temperament, and raisin has a warm temperament. The combination of the two gives this food a mild temperament. But it is better to use this food with cow’s milk.

Constipation is a common disease. Millions of people suffer from this disease. In the beginning, it is not so painful, but after a few years, it takes a complex and painful form and also infects the human organs. Many natural foods are there to get rid of this disease. But I have found that a combination of raisin and fennel seeds and a combination of cow milk and olive oil, or cow’s ghee, is a very effective food and medicine for this disease.

All these natural diets have many other benefits and are also second to none in treating constipation. You should take one-half pound of each fennel and raisin.
After drying the fennel seeds, clean them. Mix fennel and raisin and grind them well in a grinder. Then add cow ghee or olive oil to it in such a quantity that tablets can be made from this mixture.

The size of the pill should be equal to the size of a small grape. Put these pills in a clean bottle. Eat one dose of it before going to bed at night. Hopefully, in a few days, your constipation problem will start to resolve. If you still have constipation, then take these pills one morning and one night. You will soon feel that there is no need for a doctor. This natural diet and treatment will not only solve the problem, but your body will also recover the lost energy. The burden and pain that your head and body first felt will no longer exist.

Olives are a great natural blessing and food, and I consider cow’s milk to be the highest blessing of God for a human being. I will talk about the many other benefits of both of them in a separate blog. Today I am talking about the benefits of relieving constipation.

You should boil cow’s milk well at night. Cool this milk. Half an hour before going to bed, mix four teaspoons of olive oil in this milk. Until your constipation goes away or your body heats up. You keep using it. Not only will this natural food and treatment relieve your constipation, but it also has the potential to rejuvenate your aging body. Olive oil has a warm temperament. Cow’s milk has a cool temperament. Therefore, this food has a mild temperament. Therefore, it benefits every temperament.


Dear friends, you know I talk about the human body and the temperament of food in every blog. The natural foods and medicines that I have mentioned above are better for cold-tempered people.
Therefore, if hot-tempered bodies start feeling hotter, they should stop eating this food. When the heat in the body becomes low, they can start eating again. Take care in this regard. If you find your body hot, especially your stomach, then stop taking this food.

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