Food And Half Food

What is food and half food?

How can any food give nutrition and health to a person who has such dirty thoughts and deeds that a person becomes deserving of hell?

Whatever food you eat is half a meal. Therefore, is the majority sick or unfit today? Why can’t doctors and intellectuals tell us what food is? They are telling us that such and such food contains these vitamins and not to eat that food because it is bad, less nutritious, or because it contains poison and destroys the body. Is food the only material thing that we eat and drink to stay alive and healthy? You can call the thing that we eat life, not food at all.

But the material things that are eaten or drunk may only contain things necessary to keep you alive, but they cannot be things that give you health and make you happy. You can only call that thing, state, and condition complete food that gives you good health and mental and emotional happiness. We get this complete health not only from food but from half of the food, which we do not consider food. However, this half-food, which we do not consider food, is more valuable and necessary than the material food, which we consider complete food.

Advice Of Doctor For Other Half Food

When the doctor advises us to rest, we feel better without eating or drinking anything. Or when the doctor tells us not to take tension and we don’t, then our weak health improves. When we laugh and are happy, our nerves are so good that we don’t get this from good food. On the other hand, everyone is aware that when we express tension, anxiety, or anger, our health is adversely affected. On occasions of great happiness and sadness, a person faces the risk of having a heart or brain attack. A beautiful sight or seeing a person creates new energy in a person’s whole body.

There are some beautiful or ugly objects or scenes, the sight of which destroys or creates a person’s appetite. Even if such a person looks at another person in a certain way or says a single phrase, it can do a lot of damage or benefit to your physical health. The journey starts with the heart and mind and reaches the body’s organs. As long as a person is facing any sorrow or problem, he does not feel hungry during these days. Even if he feels a little hungry, the food he eats is unable to give him any special benefits or strength.

Morality is a Precious Half-Food

 But this is never told by any doctor or nutritionist. In fact, the poison of deception, lies, and hypocrisy that we feed others has already been drunk by ourselves. Hate or abuse is not given but is fed, which would have to be shunted by itself first, and nuclear particles are also found in it. Doctors and intellectuals do not tell the sick that cruelty in any form is a very dangerous poison, which, by touching the human body, becomes insane and destroys the entire nervous system, and this is nature’s punishment. What we do not see is the fact that moral evil is not only mentally ill but also physically ill.

All those evils of yours that cause others suffering are like dangerous poison. Those evils that affect you yourself, God knows best. All the dangerous poison is first absorbed by the body, and every organ of the body becomes paralyzed. If one sees a moral criminal in good health, it is mainly due to the weakness of his own immoral eye, or rather, ignorance of the person’s condition. However, the health of a moral criminal is always in poor condition, no matter how good the food he consumes. There is no need to tell a doctor or an intellectual because the conscience of every person keeps telling him that the body is being harmed due to immoral work or movement.

Bad Morals Guarantee Bad Health

The conscience keeps informing itself that such and such a bad act or thought badly injures parts of the body. Just as envy or greed not only injures the body badly but also sprinkles salt on it,. But because of his bad nature, man keeps thinking that he will be fit with good food and that weak or bad food only harms the body. It is because of his bad thinking that nature punishes him for thinking like this. Although it has not happened before, nor can it happen later, a bad person, especially a person who thinks badly of humanity, cannot live a healthy life. If you have such a look, I would like to meet him. For me, it will be no less than a great miracle.

Heavenly and Hellish Vitamins

Some time ago, I wrote a blog called Hellenic and Heavenly Vitamins. In this blog, I tried to raise awareness that only food does not make you fit or sick, but your healthy life depends on good food, positive thinking, and humanism. If you also want to enjoy a fully fit life, then you have to prepare the best combination of these three foods; otherwise, good health will remain a dream. Have you ever seen a true, generous, and philanthropic person be troubled? If not, how can a happy person stay sick? No matter how simple food such a person eats. You will always see him smiling and active.

Kind Nature And Food

If you ever see him worried, it will be because of others and not because of his ill health. This is a great favor of nature, and we less educated people do not fully understand that every moral virtue is food with heavenly vitamins, which our body and soul need more than ordinary food. Think for five minutes that if morality and humanism were to be removed from the world of man, man would not appear to you better than any animal. And the forest animal is related to something to be eaten, not to a specific food. Whether the animal gets green leaves, soil, or meat, it lives well. There is no problem with vitamins, precautions, or any medical facilities.

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