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Real Food Of Nature

Foods that are very important for your health, like a kind mother, nature is giving your body millions of pores, your nose, and your mouth all the time, every moment. Those foods are very important for your life and health. The importance of this diet can be determined by the fact that your food intake is greatly reduced, or in some cases, nonexistent, if you don’t make proper use of every moment and free food that nature gives you. These auspicious and natural foods are fresh and clean air, sunlight, clean soil, weather, night, day, and natural scenery.


Everyone is well aware of how dangerously polluted the air is for our health. It is not only damaging our lungs, nose, throat, eyes, and skin but also impairing our nervous system, perception, and judgment. We have to come to nature if we want to keep ourselves healthy. Otherwise, the problem of health and fitness will never be solved. No matter how good food you eat, your breath will not be clean, and your health will also be polluted. A morning walk, a game, or any exercise is a myth when you do these exercises in a polluted environment. By doing so, you pollute your body as well.

To get the full and correct benefits from all these situations, you have to do it in a clean environment. The best place for this is away from the urban and industrial population, where nature is waiting to open its arms fully and embrace you.

 Open Nature Is Food And Vitamins

Sunlight is the main natural source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is very necessary for our bodies. It plays a very important role in strengthening our bones, improving the immune system, strengthening the nervous system, improving the sexual system, and improving skin health. And its heat causes the release of irregular substances from the countless pores of your body. If not released, we can face many diseases. Many foods are recommended to be eaten during the day, and some foods are recommended to be eaten at night. If you do not eat foods like curd, rice, and oranges in the presence of sunlight, they become a source of harm instead of benefit.

It is said that eating curd during the day is the essence of health, and at night it is an invitation to illness. Therefore, to improve our health, we should take full care of the sunlight and the darkness of the night.


Natural Food And Tension

Today, everyone is suffering from tension and mental stress. This condition and disease are hazardous for the human body. Crores of people seek treatment from doctors. The medicine for this disease and its side effects are causing many more painful diseases. Nature has provided easy, free, and long-lasting treatment facilities everywhere. Beautiful mountains, lush green forests, charming flowers, rivers and sea, moon, stars, and various pleasant sights have amazing positive effects on every organ of the human body, especially the nervous, heart, and eye systems, and the health of the whole body. 

Many people remain sick or unhealthy despite eating well, exercising, taking precautions, and taking supplements. The main reason for this is that they do not take full advantage of fresh air or sunlight and do not have full importance or sense. The Creator created the human body from the soil. Man has a close relationship with soil. In this way, soil plays a special role in human health, which is hidden from the eyes of most people.

Cooking in earthen pots, drinking water from earthen pots, walking barefoot on clean and soft soil, and taking mud baths play no less role in human health than any good natural diet. According to modern research, it is considered very important for children to play in clean soil for their health and immunity. Children who play in soil are protected from allergies, asthma, depression, and anxiety.


According to the American University of Texas at Austin professor of human development and cultural sciences and his team’s research, children who play in wide and open spaces gain physical strength more easily. Recently, it has been reported that children who play in the mud have very few infections. In particular, being close to the mud improves the immune system. From a public health perspective, there are many problems, says Christopher Lauzey, a professor of physiology at the University of Co. Laredo in the United States. As soon as we touch the soil, we meet old friends who want to support us for our safety.

The same is the case with weather and food. With the change of seasons, the change of food is also a form of a love of nature that needs to be understood. The weather has a profound effect on the effectiveness of food. Every vegetable and fruit should be eaten at the time of its season. Stored fruits and vegetables should be avoided. 

We have concluded that to eat food and achieve health, it is very necessary to follow a few rules first. I will repeat some very important principles that I have mentioned in the previous blogs. The acquisition of food should be morally and rationally justified. Your positive thinking and humanitarian attitude should be compassionate. Making hungry people part of your diet is very important for your physical and mental health. Food and your body’s temperament compatibility are essential. Food should be natural and according to the season.

Clean air, exercise in natural places, sunlight, walking with bare feet on clean soil, eating vegetables, grains, and some fruits with peels, cooking in clay pots, and the many bounties of nature that are available to us in a better form than food, i.e., fresh air, a clean atmosphere, a natural environment, and waking up early in the morning, give them as much importance as we give to a better life.

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