Food For Personality

Food Of Personality

Food And Personality

Like you, everyone strives to maintain their personality and health. But sadly, the majority fail to maintain both. Because they both go hand in hand. One’s failure is another’s failure. Food is not particularly related to our personality, but the percentage is quite related to food. A good and balanced diet maintains our health, but health cannot maintain our personality. Your character, thoughts, and facial expressions reflect your personality. Yes, your health can have a significant impact on your personality. If the personality is not prominent, the whole life passes in dull color.

A weak personality can never have good health. A strong personality is very thoughtful, and positive thinking is considered a guarantee of good health. In religious books, especially the Holy Qur’an, 750 times, it has been emphasized to contemplate the universe. We are commanded to think again and again about the creation of the universe, the structure of the sky and the earth, the oceans, the rivers, the plants and animals, the animals, the plants, the fruits, the seasons, the functions, and the end.

The most emphasis has been given to the birth of man himself, his body, his actions, and his food, learning lessons from all of them and thinking about the end of all of them. God has also told us in his book that the person who does not use his intellect is worse than the animals. So it is positive thinking that takes you to a higher level and causes social progress and prosperity. This is the thinking that makes and distorts your personality. It has an effect, and you feel a better appetite, which makes you capable of eating good food with good ingredients. On this positive note, nature is kind to you, and food makes the body strong. Man has been ordered to think about his birth, his body, his work, fruits, and various commodities.

God Commands

God commanded research. We are commanded to understand everything. That is, we are forbidden to eat any food without knowing it. Meditation saves us from every negative thought. It saves us from wrong actions. This habit of thinking takes us on the right path. From which we get peace and satisfaction. Peace and prosperity come to our society. When a person is mentally and emotionally relaxed, his body has amazing energy and capacity.

It is a natural process by which a positive thinker produces miraculous hormones that boost the body’s immune system and nervous system. It makes them strong. Thus, the bodies that eat normal and simple food are also healthy. The biggest miracle is that positive thinking creates clarity and dignity in your personality. No matter what the structure of a person’s body is, good thoughts and actions give you beauty. This beauty is permanent and increases with age. This thing has a great effect on your health.

Negative Thinking Is Possible food

On the other hand, negative thinking and actions cause permanent damage and disfigurement in your personality. When society If you are faced with hearing negative things about yourself all the time, then the food eaten in this condition cannot become a part of your body. And your personality gets worse and worse. In addition to the attack of diseases, you usually have to die before time. Friends! The habit of meditation, which is spiritual food, gives you positive thinking. Positive thinking makes you a better citizen, successful, and better person.

All this creates calmness, peace, compassion, and belief in the greatness of your God in your life. This intellectual and spiritual food also gives you health and happiness. 

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