Foods, Which are Doctor

Food and Doctor

by Izat Khan

Foods Are Doctor

It is an old saying that one-fourth of people are alive due to their food, and the remaining are in the care of a doctor. If a person starts consuming natural food according to the temperament of his body, then this situation can be reversed, as we have heard in the above saying.

Today I have chosen lady fingers, oranges, and milk as human food.

Lady Finger

First, I describe the effects of Lady’s Finger as a natural food. Lady’s finger is the best vegetable, and man loves it. It is a food with a mild, cold temperament. It is good for hot-tempered bodies. Cold-tempered people can eat two or three meals a month; more than that will not be better for them. Hot-tempered people can eat it two or three times a week. It is good for diabetes and the kidneys. It lowers cholesterol. It is very useful for strengthening the natural immune system of the human body. It is considered very useful for asthma patients.

Eating soft, raw okra also strengthens the stomach. These benefits are for hot-tempered bodies. If you eat any food without understanding
its effects, then it will harm you instead of benefiting you. Every food is not for everybody.

Orange Food

Orange is a delicious natural fruit that is loved by people everywhere and of all ages. It is very cold in terms of its effectiveness. Therefore, it is a very useful natural food for hot-tempered bodies. Cold-tempered bodies should eat sparingly. It is the best tonic for the human nervous system. It is the best for the human heart and mind. It strengthens and relaxes the human stomach, but the stomach patient should not eat sour oranges. It increases and cleanses the human blood. It cleanses the human skin. Orange peels are also very useful; the peels should be dried and ground, and using them with clear water benefits the stomach, heart, and skin. It is also very helpful in reducing tension.

Cold-tempered bodies should eat oranges sparingly; otherwise, it can make them sick. Most of its medical and physical benefits are for hot-tempered bodies.

Miraculous Food

Milk is the best blessing from God for us. It is a natural food that is loved by people of all ages. It is the only food for children that plays a vital role in their development. All the animals whose milk is consumed by humans are cold in terms of effectiveness. There is a difference in the usefulness of the milk of all these animals.


It is a useful food for every organ of the human body. Especially cow’s and goat’s milk is very good. Camel’s milk has many benefits; it is very useful for the stomach. If a cold-tempered body does not have mucus and stomach problems, then he can drink buffalo milk. The milk of other animals will not be very useful for them. It can be a blessing for cold-tempered people if they drink olive oil mixed with hot buffalo milk. If pure natural ghee or olive oil is mixed with milk, it is a source of energy for human beings. Sheep milk should be drunk less, as it produces a lot of mucus.

There is a huge difference between hot and cold food. A food that is not soothing to you means you are not eating according to your temperament. If you do not change your diet, you can be ill. Milk is the only natural food that is good for people with all temperaments as a whole, but keep in mind that, like other natural foods, consuming it in large quantities reduces its usefulness. Milk should always be boiled. If you have heart, weight, and stomach problems, you should drink milk without the fat. The highest fat is in buffalo milk. Do not eat sour vegetables or fruit with milk.


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