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  Free Foods Of Nature For Hot Regions

Nature has produced some very simple, very cheap, but very useful foods. These foods can significantly reduce the costs for the poor and improve their health.​There is a summer season. The majority of the world’s population lives in these hot regions. Humans living in these areas are mostly suffering from poverty. In these areas, food health and education problems are high. They are not likely to be resolved shortly. But the dominant assumption is that the case can be damaged. Humans do not want to distribute resources due to their misconduct.

The problem of health is directly related to food. There is also the problem of a lack of education in these backward areas, which is a major obstacle to maintaining food use and health. I believe that if the poor and uneducated people here are educated about the use and efficacy of certain foods, then food and health problems can be reduced and solved in a very short time. It takes a long time to solve the problems of poverty, health, and education, which require immediate solutions. In this regard, nutritionists and doctors can play a big role, but unfortunately, they are not playing this role.

 Terrifying Fact

The terrifying fact is that nutritionists and doctors are not able to do this because they are not aware of the full efficacy of some simple foods. I think the main reason for this is the lack of complete familiarity with modern medicine and the experience of natural foods

and medicines of man spanning centuries.

​ I think that humanity has suffered a great loss due to the ignorance and disinterest of modern medicine in ancient Greek and Eastern medicine which are deeply connected with simple and natural foods. Modern nutritionists are unable to play their full role due to their ignorance of this knowledge. Thus, today’s man is unaware of the full effectiveness of his many useful foods. I consider this to be the great misfortune of humanity.

Food, Treatment, and Stupidity

I consider modern doctors and science to be the main causes of this accident. Who completely ignored the method of treatment and usage of natural foods for centuries, which is completely contrary to the experience of human reason. It is stupid to leave the methods of treatment and food that humans have benefited from for centuries. There is an international mafia in medicine as well, which is not allowing people to go back to their old food and medicine for the protection of their prepared medicines and food. And business has always had little to do with humanity, but often hostility.

God And Our Body

Just as man has returned to organic food, so too will he return to self-healing through diet. I am not a critic of modern medicine at all. Modern medicine has proved to be a revolution in human health. But I am critical of the aspect of modern medicine that has established its monopoly by completely neglecting the old medicine, which is no less than cruelty. Nature has made the human body in such a way that if this treatment is done with natural foods, illness can be eliminated or stopped before it occurs.

Second, we should have a full understanding of the fact that God, who is the creator of man, knows in what condition and where he will have to live. What kind of food will he need? God only knows how the economic conditions of man are and what kind of food can keep him alive and healthy in these conditions. God knows very well that every human being will not be able to eat a burger, French fries, or a roast. God knows very well that thousands of people will have to face many difficulties to get dry bread.

God, who is all-merciful, cannot leave His creatures at the mercy of the food mafia and drug mafia. He has provided very cheap, ubiquitous, and effective foods that neither modern science nor doctors can tell us about. This is a matter of less knowledge than their malice. Ancient medicine or centuries of human experience will tell you the full details of such foods.

I would like to give an example of two foods that are actually drinks in this hot weather. These two drinks are very popular in all hot countries. They are used frequently in the subcontinent. For centuries, people have been giving priority to these two drinks instead of curry, which is a very cheap and useful drink in summer.

Lussi Or Butter Milk

The name of these two drinks is lassi. In English, lassi is called buttermilk. Both of these are complete foods in the summer season. These two natural drinks are very simple, very useful, and available everywhere for free or at a very cheap rate. In my 56 years of life, I have never seen butter sold in any village in the country. Although it is not less effective than any cold drink in the world, I personally consider it to be the best natural drink for hot weather. It is a miracle of God and a special grace for a poor person. Both of these drinks become complete foods in hot summer weather. But this is not the case in winter. All this can be seen by experimenting. God’s miracles cannot be tested in any scientific laboratory. I am saying this based on my experience with many years and centuries of elders.

Buttermilk should always be consumed during the day. The other complete food is also called lassi. The simple way to prepare the second food is that milk should be boiled and kept cool. After six or seven hours, mix one cup of milk with three cups of cold water in the evening. And instead of curry, if the same drink is taken with bread, it becomes a complete meal in hot weather. Nature has set the time for this food in the evening. Therefore, it should always be consumed at night.

The benefits of these two foods are given by nature in terms of weather and time. It is a very cheap, useful, and healthy gift from nature to poor people. These two drinks can save poor people from spending a lot of money on curry or other essentials. They protect us from the unbearable heat of hot areas and many other needs of the body of man. Poor people have to work all day long. These blessings of nature are no less than an AC system for them.

It is the duty of nutritionists, doctors, and governments to create awareness and should encourage people about simple foods. People should be educated about different foods, especially foods that have been consumed by humans for centuries. Those foods are very simple, cheap, and healthy. People should be told that many foods look nutritionally deficient and some look nutritious, but the reality is somewhat different. Their texture, color, ingredients, and taste are different for everyone, but their efficacy is the same for everyone. Because nature can never do injustice.

If nutritionists and doctors feel the suffering of humanity and start telling people the complete truth, millions of people who are living in extreme poverty and are deprived of very cheap and useful food can see a lot of change in their lives.

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