Foods Of Festival And Recipe

 Food Of Festival

Friends, today I have chosen two foods and recipes. We make thes
e foods on the occasion of festivals in our country. These are rarely used daily. Both of them are rich in nutrients. These foods are unique in their taste and desire. But due to poverty and inflation, these foods are made only on the occasion of a festival or the arrival of a guest.

Both of these foods are warm-tempered, so cold-tempered bodies can enjoy them whenever they want. Yes, warm-tempered bodies can eat this delicious food twice a month. The name of the first food is Badami Qorma, or Almond Qorma.


Its ingredients are one kilo of goat meat, one pound of onion, one spoon of ginger, one spoon of garlic, one cup of pure ghee, one pound of curd, two spoons of red pepper, and two spoons of ground coriander. Chimchilong seven times, black pepper five times, and salt to tasteThirty-five almonds.


The recipe for preparing this nutritious and delicious food is as follows:. First, heat the puree and fry the onions in it. When they are soft, take out the onions. Add crushed ginger and garlic to the hot ghee and cover the pan. After three minutes, add the meat and fry it. Then add red chilies and ground coriander. When the aroma of this spice subsides, add a cup of water. Reduce the flame and cover the pot. Mix the browned onion in the curd well. When your meat is cooked well, add black pepper, small cardamom, and cloves to the curd, add it to the meat, and put this mixture on the fire.

Put the almonds in hot water and remove their skins. It is better to grind the almonds lightly, and after five minutes, mix the almonds in the curry and switch off the fire. Cover the pot well for some time. And after a few minutes, the almond qorma will be ready.

 Our Second Food

The second food is called Triffle of Vermicelli.

This is very tasty food. This food is slightly less hot. Vermicelli trifle is unique in its deliciousness. This food is also full of nutrients, like Badami Qorma. It is delicious food, but it should not be eaten more than four times a month.


The ingredients of Vermicelli Trifle are 1 cup of Vermicelli, one cup of sugar, one kilo of milk, three tablespoons of custard, two slices of cake, one mango, three bananas, one apple, eight chopped pistachios, ten chopped almonds, finely chopped dates, and five and ten chopped peanuts.


The recipe for this food is as follows:. First, add the vermicelli and sugar to the milk and cook. When it becomes thick, add more milk to the custard powder, stir well, and mix it into the vermicelli mixture. After a while, remove the pan from the stove.

When the vermicelli is cool, sprinkle the slices of cake and add the lean and cooked vermicelli. Squeeze the mango juice and mix it with your cooked vermicelli. After two minutes, cut the rest of the fruits according to your preference, mix more than half of them into the triffle of vermicelli, and scatter the rest on top as a decoration.

Add almonds, pistachios, peanuts, and dates to this prepared trifle of vermicelli and scatter them on the same top surface. Now keep this trifle in the fridge and eat it with your family after it cools down well.

Be careful, because this food is very delicious. People tend to overeat, and the rest of the family members go hungry.

I would like to reiterate the fact that I have mentioned in some of my blogs that many people are now disgusted with sugar and should be. Because, in my opinion, sugar is harmful to human health. God created molasses for the human body. Sugar is a human product. You should try to use jaggery instead of sugar in every meal and drink. Jaggery is a very useful natural food for human health.

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