Food,Temperament and Body

Food And Temperament

The human body naturally supports three moods: warm temperament, cold temperament, and moderate temperament. Until a person gets in the mood for his body, his health will not improve. It’s just like in hot weather, you can mix honey in hot milk and give it to a thirsty person, which will be harmful to him. When a person does not consume food according to his natural temperament, his health will deteriorate. A person should take care of his natural temperament and not his favorite food.

Truth About Temperament Of Food

It is also a fact that the food you consume more of, which benefits your health, is actually based on your natural temperament. Whenever you get sick, your body feels tired or weak, or your head feels light, it means that you are eating the wrong food. People who look healthy or good do not mean that they are eating well. In fact, they eat according to their natural temperament. The same food produces good blood in the body, which is determined by the mood. If that food does not suit your mood, no matter how nutritious it may be, it will harm you instead of benefiting you.


Temperament Of Body

The reality of the temperament of the human body has been ignored in modern science. It has not been understood, and diseases are increasing every day instead of decreasing. Despite the modern treatment, facilities, and comfort, the person is sick. Why? Why has man become weak with the use of good food? Vitamins, burgers, drinks, fruits, etc. are making human beings bored, sluggish, apathetic, emotional, and extremist. Doctors need to pay attention to this issue. Otherwise, health problems will get worse. It can be said that a common disease can be treated with food. The most important thing is that by knowing the child’s natural temperament from childhood and taking care of his diet, the number of diseases can be halved.

In this blog, I will describe natural food, human natural temperament, and its needs. Let me first tell you about how we can easily check our temperament without the help of any laboratory or doctor. In the early morning, while taking breakfast, use one or two eggs, honey, and toast.

At lunch, eat beef, and at dinner, eat gram soup. Go to bed when you wake up and after some time if you have some burden in your stomach, head, or body. It means your temperament is hot; if you feel better, it shows your temperament is cold; and if you observe neither betterment nor badness, it means your body is moderate. If you say there are no obvious signs, repeat this diet one more time.

The next day, you will certainly find out the natural temperament of your body. Once you find your temperament, it means you have discovered your diet forever, and you will be a good doctor for your body. I claim your main body problem will finish, and slowly you will be a terrible fit man.

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