Foxnut A natural Superfood For Vitality

Foxnut: Food ٖFood To Stay Young

It is the natural desire of man to stay young for a long time. This desire becomes intense after the age of fifty or sixty. This natural desire can be fulfilled very easily with natural and organic food, namely foxnut. Unfortunately, a man tries to fulfill this desire in an unnatural way, which often fails, or the desire remains unfulfilled or hurts his body. Foxnut is a nutritious food that is known for its high energy content. It is often consumed for its ability to provide a sustained boost to the power and vitality of the body.

The human body is a highly sensitive creation. Dealing with it unnaturally is like doing cruelty to it. Due to our lack of knowledge and haste, we often do this cruelty, and sooner or later we get its results in serious illness. It can only be established and nourished by natural and organic food. Every unnatural food makes him angry and disfigured. Thus, every natural and organic food, like foxnut, is also a medicine for the body. The foxnut food that I am going to describe today is more of a natural medicine than a food.

Friends, today I have brought you such a miraculous natural food that you can eat many times a month to make yourself and even old people look young. And young people start to feel new youth. The creator of this natural food must have kept miracles in it and many benefits, all of which will be mentioned. Second, it is a simple and cheap natural food that is within man’s reach. It is my observation that nature must have placed the qualities of being cheap and available everywhere in the food most necessary for the health of the human body.

Foxnuts Food

Friends, the name of this miraculous natural food of ours is foxnut. There are different ways to eat foxnuts, but the amazing benefits of this food are due to the combination of milk.  Nuts are the seeds of a plant. Their plant grows in ponds. Its flowers and leaves resemble lotus flowers and leaves. Their root is equal to that of a small mackerel. Foxnuts are cultivated in December; their plant and fruit are full of thorns and look like large leaves. Their plants are in water, so for their cultivation, the seeds of foxnuts have to be thrown into the water. Their outer bark is black and rough.

There are boxes in their cavities, and inside each box come out round black seeds with a white pulp that are slightly sweet. In its raw state, their pulp is removed, and the dried pulp is added to the mixture. Their tempers are colder.

Temperament Of Foxnuts

As my readers are well aware, it is my contention that whoever eats food without knowing the temperament of his body commits cruelty to his body. I have also written a separate blog to understand the temperament of the body. I have written about the temperament of food in each of my blogs. I have also told you that the body temperament of most people in the world is hot. That is why they need food with a cold temperament. I have also told you that most natural and unnatural foods have a hot temperament. I have also written that the reason for most diseases is that people are ignorant of the temperament of their body and food.

Foxnut is one of the few supernatural foods that has a cool temperament, so this food is an elixir for hot-tempered bodies. Cold-tempered people can eat this natural and organic food only four to five times a month. Hot-tempered people can eat it fifteen days a month.

Foxnut Food is rich in Nutrients

Foxnut is rich in protein, carbohydrates, fiber, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc.  100 grams of foxnut provide 350 kilocalories of energy. It contains 70 to 80 grams of carbohydrates, 9.7 grams of protein, which is very beneficial for the body, 7.6 grams of fiber, 60 mg of calcium, 40–50 mg of potassium, and 53 mg of phosphorus.

Birth Palace Of This Food

90 to 85% of the world’s foxnuts are grown in India, and 90% of India’s foxnuts are produced in Bihar. Madhubani, Darbhanga, Spool, Sitamarhi, Araria, Katihar, Purnia, and Kishanganj districts of Bihar are famous for Makhanas cultivation. Bordering Nepal, Mithilanchal is world-renowned for its numerous ponds, fish ponds, and restaurants.

Among the countries where Foxnut Food is exported from India, the USA, UK, and Canada are leading. Only 100 metric tons of foxnuts are exported from India annually. You may hear this amount very little because foxnuts are very light in weight.  There is no definite date as to when and where Foxnuts gained popularity as a snack, but you will surely find many fans of this snack, from movie stars to common people.

In India, it is a popular food for the common man in Bollywood. A very famous Indian film star, Kareena Kapoor, said that ‘every evening on the set of the film, my spot boy Prakash used to bring me a bowl of foxnuts.

Athletes said that there was a very simple recipe for this natural and organic food. Adding a few flowers of foxnuts to a cup of milk and eating it daily. Use it the way we have told you; even a 70-year-old man will jump around. By following this recipe correctly, you will forget weakness and fatigue for seventy years. This recipe will cure bone pain and nervousness. It is very useful for weakness and blood pressure. By eating this for just ten days, all the weaknesses will be removed from your body.

Tasty Recipe Of This Foxnut Food

By using this recipe, the mind will gain strength, and lethargy will disappear. You will become agile and energetic. If you want to make it more tasty, you have to take a quarter cup of foxnuts and fry them. Then you have to grind them. After that, you have to take a cup of milk and put fruit powder in it. You are allowed to add two to three dates. After that, you have to cook it on a low flame for two to three minutes. After that, you have to add two spoons of almond powder. Now you have to cook it well for ten minutes. After that, you have to remove it from the stove. You can eat it cold or hot.

In just a few days, all the weakness will be removed from your body, and you will start feeling strong and fresh.  Foxnuts are something you can eat at any time. It gives strength to the body and is also very helpful in eliminating male impotence.

Apart from rejuvenating the body, below are some of the prominent benefits of this diet.

Greatest Source Of Strength

The biggest benefit of this organic food is that it is a source of energy for the human body. source of power. Foxnuts are something you can eat anytime, anywhere. Well, there are many benefits to eating it, but they can be truly reapped only when you start eating foxnuts daily. Many diseases are eliminated by eating makhana. Eating foxnuts gives surprising strength to the body and also cures male impotence.

Here is a natural solution in this natural food for the many problems that men face, including loss of inner strength, growth of the penis, extreme feelings of lethargy and weakness, low sperm counts, etc. Among these male problems, the most important and increasing problem is the lack of sperm in men, due to which all married couples are deprived of blessings like children.

Natural Solution Of Impotence

Foxnut is considered helpful in curing this disease in men. By the way, impotence can have many causes, among them blood pressure and blood sugar. But daily use of foxnuts can get rid of all male problems.

Increases Hormones Like Testosterone

This finding has been confirmed by a study that found that eating foxnuts boosts testosterone hormones in men. These hormones are the most important hormones in all the physiological changes that occur in men. Testosterone hormones play a very important role in men’s sexual lives. This male weakness can be removed by using foxnuts with milk daily.

Foxnut works magically to increase fertility. It is proven to be a natural remedy for male impotence, prevents premature ejaculation, and increases the sperm count. For women who are infertile, eating foxnuts is no less than an elixir.

By using this recipe, you will get rid of all your weaknesses. You will feel healthy and energetic. In particular, you can easily stay away from chronic diseases like lethargy and fatigue.

Gifts for Women

Foxnut is also a solution to some other problems for women. You will have to take a little time to prepare this amazing food. But many of your problems will be solved by this. Women who have chronic leukorrhea have such pain in the back, legs, and calves that they have become helpless by taking pain pills. On the other hand, there is blood pressure. Hot things cannot be eaten, and on the third hand, obesity is very high. Such women should use this surprising diet. There will be amazing benefits.

Similarly, women who are weak. Those who are anemic. Muscles, nerves, and the body appear. All the time, the breath is puffed up. The nature is prone to restlessness and restlessness. They can also use this recipe. Similarly, the problems of the spines, disc problems, and nervous tension are like hair coming out of dough by using this recipe.

It is a requirement to use this prescription for some time. Most people want a prescription or two to solve their problems. So it doesn’t happen. Regular use of any prescription is essential. Women who have infertility problems and have used different medicines for their infertility̔ Skin problems also bother women. This natural diet is like a beauty kit for women.

Foxnut Is Gluten-Free

Foxnuts are gluten-free foods, while they are rich in protein and carbohydrates, making them an ideal diet for weight loss.

For Diabetes And Heart Patients

This is a great food for diabetics and heart patients, as it contains fats that are considered to be very beneficial for health. Along with them, they also contain a large amount of fiber, which prevents the rapid increase of sugar in the blood and increases the production of insulin, which also strengthens the heart.

Foxnut is rich in potassium and magnesium, which are considered super foods for heart patients. Such foods have positive effects on the whole body. Foxnuts have a very low glycemic index, so even diabetics can eat them without worry. Health and nutrition experts also advise diabetics to eat pure and organic food.

Strengthens bones

The calcium found in foxnuts is very high, so it is very positive for strengthening the bones. Bone problems are very common in elderly people, so elderly people can use Foxnut twice a day. It will help strengthen the bones with age.


There is very little cholesterol in this diet. It is also low in fat and sodium, making it a healthy food, which is why eating sweets lowers cholesterol.

According to experts, every man should consume at least 35 grams of dietary fiber per day, and this amount is 27 grams for women. The presence of 5.14 grams of fiber in just 100 grams of foxnut makes it a miraculous food for our digestive system. It prevents constipation and cleanses the stomach.

Cures of flow, visual impairment

This natural diet is considered useful for circulation and visual acuity impairment. It is considered a unique and natural treatment and medicine for this disease.

lack of hormones

The use of foxnuts increases the production of male hormones. Hormones play a very important role in the changes in the male body. Due to the lack of these hormones, men have to face many problems.

Reduces weight

Losing weight is everyone’s desire nowadays because of our bad lifestyle. Every other person is seeing an increase in weight, and people are getting sick at a large level. Foxnuts are very low in calories and contain plenty of protein, which makes the stomach feel full for a long time and does not cause frequent hunger pangs.

Improves digestion process

Makhana is rich in antioxidants, which are great for the digestive systems of people of all ages. Keep in mind that those natural foods that have a cooling effect are constipating. That’s why this food is also constipating. Therefore, when you eat foxnuts, use four or five fig seeds or sponge peel.#food lover#health and fitness#food and beverage#green food#food of east#foxnut nutrition#foxnut healthbebefits#foxnut recipe

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