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Food And Temperament

by Izat Khan

Food And Temperament Facts

I think in this age of information, nearly everybody knows about the better foods, but I certainly say that a smaller number of people know which is best or worst for their bodies. I try to explain this. Suppose gold was very nutritious food for the human body, and it had the effects of a warm temper. Then it would be better for only cold-tempered bodies. It would be harmful to the hot-tempered body. Everyone will have to know the fact that temperament is as necessary as food for life.

The majority of our people do not know this fact, so they suffer from various diseases. When a person comes to know his body temperament and his food temperament, he begins to eat food according to his temperament. Then he begins to enjoy his health until death, and death is a natural fact that has no treatment or temperament at all.

Garlic And Tumeric Food

Today I will discuss the effects of garlic and turmeric on the human body. Garlic is a small vegetable. Man has been using this food every day since ancient times. This food is second to none in its usefulness. This vegetable has a very hot temperament. This food should be used only for cold-tempered bodies. Hot-tempered bodies can use it once a week in the summer and twice in the winter. If it does not benefit them, skip its use. Never use this food when you are in a hot mood.
This food is very useful for blood pressure and heart disease. It is very useful for overcoming physical and nervous weakness. It improves the body’s immune system to a wonderful extent. This food is very helpful in relieving colds and coughs. It reduces the acidity of the human body and brings radiance to your skin.
If you have a toothache, rubbing garlic on that tooth will

give you immediate relief. Memory impairment due to ageing is greatly improved by eating this food. But all these benefits are for cold-tempered bodies. If your body is warm-tempered, then I think this food will not give you any special benefit.

Turmeric is the best vegetable and the best medicine for human health. It is used as a spice in food. This food is considered to be the best for the fitness of the body. It is said that if there is turmeric in the food, then there is a doctor in the house. Like garlic, turmeric is a very hot-tempered vegetable. All its benefits are for cold-tempered bodies. It has no special benefits for hot-tempered bodies, but too much consumption can ruin their health.

Turmeric is a better food than any antibiotic. It is a very useful natural medicine for internal and external wounds. It not only eliminates wounds but also eliminates the germs that cause wounds or inflammation.
This is a natural remedy for knee pain.

If a cold-tempered body drinks a teaspoon of turmeric mixed in hot milk every day, it gives amazing energy to the body. This food is especially good for back pain. Proven to be very useful for pain. Turmeric is also very useful in preventing cancer. This food improves brain function. It is the best medicine for intestinal and gastric ulcers or inflammation. It is good for strengthening our bones. If eaten daily, food has the potential to rejuvenate them.

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