God And Cruel Man


Kind God and Cruel Man

Kind God says that a person is rewarded many times over for a good deed, while his evil deeds are rewarded only in proportion to his good deeds. He gets punished for his deed. God says, “I made man a monkey and a pig because of his sins and cruelty.”We destroyed Lot’s people because of their deeds and rained stones on them. He says Noah preached for nine hundred and fifty years, and only a few people believed. Jesus, who was a walking miracle of God, was sentenced to death by hanging. The man gave more importance to his cow than the teachings of the Prophet Moses.

It is said in the hadith that many prophets who had no followers have passed away. From this, one can gauge how selfish, cruel, selfish, and ignorant a man is. God says on the Day of Resurrection you will see every nation on its knees. Now we observe the other aspects of human beings.


God made Adam and Eve with His own hands. The angels prostrated before them. All the towers of greatness are piled up in front of him. Gabriel and Israfil greet the man. God forbids our parents to do even a small thing, but they do it. God says we do not see stability in man. Due to this, a new system of the universe was created.

God Bestows Man

It was too late for the wall to fall, and the devil made his way there and made a carpeted road for itself. This road is between the heart and mind of a human being.
The man showed nobility and apologized. God not only forgave him but also made him his caliph in the world. The moment Adam would be alone in the world, he would think that the angles in the heavens bow in front of him and that such a vast world and so many things are reserved for him.

What a wonderful and lovely creature I am! Adam and Eve would have been amazed if we had the sun, moon, and stars revolving̔ Why are these weather and winds wandering and wondering for us? Billions of angels have been appointed to watch over us. Numerous flora and fauna were filled with service to satisfy human happiness. Numerous birds and animals were sent to satisfy our hearts, stomachs, and eyes. Adam and Eve would think that we are such great beings!

God says we have made a man great, but he has begun to touch the degradation.

Wonders of God For Man

Hadrat Adam would have wondered why there is snow in the mountains.
Shining sand in the deserts, for whom? Mountain-like waves in the oceans, these revolving rivers, cold here and heat there, this dry barren plain here, green lush valleys there—is it all for me? Our fathers must have wondered why these fish are being raised in the depths of the oceans. Flying birds singing melodious songs in the skies for whom?

Why are the sun and moon being chased, and for whom? In the presence of billions of stars, darkness is being made for my sleep at night. The waterfalls are jumping for me. The winds are blowing for me. These flowers, these fruits, these rivers, these springs, and the innumerable sweet gifts will make Adam realize that I am so great and dear to God. (continue)# God Lover # Historian of religion, Human Nature

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