God And Satan

Complacency Of Human

If you have read my previous two blogs, you will understand my initial. It is not appropriate for the bad to live in the world of the good, and neither do the bad want to live here. That’s why we feel bored here for a short while and get ready to walk in our world, so we walk.Man is so short-minded, self-interested, and weak-minded that he considers the forest full of thorns of the satan as a garden of roses. The complacency of human beings is also extreme in that they want to live and associate with Satan while at the same time seeking the pleasure of God.

Anyway, what to do with a few “conservatives”? It is a democratic era, so it is better to go with the majority. To go with the majority are “common sense” and “enlightenment.”. Ignorance keeps a person in the spring, but autumn days are also favorable.In every age there has been a majority of the evil, and the evil find joy only in the friendship of the ساتان.

The creator has placed a lot of emphasis on the use of reason by man. Without its use, man has been likened to a worse animal. How do I live life? The way of life is told by God’s prophet and the intellect entrusted to us. From the beginning, our school, teacher, and syllabus have been religion. The sad thing is that the least common sense has been used in the matter of religion, from which every aspect of our lives is shaped. Religion has been turned into an emotional king, wielding one hand over the sensuous emotions and holding a bloody sword in the other.

What nonsens!

The worship of the sun, moon, fire, snakes, monkeys, etc., and then the sacrifice of human lives on them seem like fictional stories, but this is the fact that humans have been playing this animal game, but even today, this demonic and animal spectacle continues in some other forms. And then there is the claim that I am the best of creatures. God says, I have blessed man with a very good appearance and intellect, but he has fallen into depravity. It is beyond comprehension that man has used his intellect and prostrated himself before a snake, a monkey, or a penis. Such a lack of intelligence and shamelessness is not expected from any animal.

This has happened and has been happening for many centuries, the effects of which still remain. Man calls the stone idol made and carved by his own hands a god. Even Satan would hide his face in shame from the actions of man. Sometimes worshiping Pharaoh, worshiping a saint, worshiping a grave, sometimes worshiping paper, sometimes prostrating in front of a stone, falling in front of other material things. Man is prostrating before everything of interest, although he is commanded only before God to bow down.I feel that sometimes the satan himself feels ashamed to see the very bad character of the human being.

Horrible movie

Therefore, the creator of the universe says that those who do not work with reason are the worst animals. What is the message of Hazrat Musa and Hazrat Christ that you should not bow down to any pharaoh or golden calf, even if you have to sacrifice your life? Today, Jews and Christians worship the same idol. Hindus worship stones. The situation of Muslims is no different. In fact, the origin of every religion is the embodiment of good and benevolence, but man has made it a horrible movie by not using reason.How a hypocritical, arrogant, and self-interested man looks strong in front of God and helpless in front of Satan.

Religion is a base conflict?

There is hardly any branch of religion that has not been immersed in a dirty pool of bigotry, hatred, ignorance, and cruelty. Thus, most of the human faults and vices come from the temple of power, wealth, fame, and lust. The temple itself is built on the foundations of religion. Man has always achieved power, wealth, fame, and lust by wearing the cloak of religion. It should be like this: only good and the good of humanity can come out of religion, but man is so cruel, self-interested, lustful, and hypocritical that he has used religion for his evil in such a way that the will and mind are mesmerized.

Nowhere in the past or present is it proven that man has used religion for good. Due to religious differences and the thoughts and actions arising from these differences, a lot of distance has been created between different nations. Rather, the main reason for the hatred, enmity, prejudice, and coldness in relations between most nations and in the world is religious differences. The evil and dirty nature that man has shown about religion does not prove that man is the best creature, but it definitely proves that man is the worst creature. On the contrary, it is definitely proven that man is the worst creature. God Himself confirms this: those who do not obey the command of God and the Prophet and do not use their intellect are the worst animals.

The Ignorants Have Won

Ignorance and a lack of knowledge are indeed great misfortunes for a person. If this situation is national, it is not only bad luck but also causes destruction and ruin. But it would be a surprising surprise when all the big crimes, oppression, and injustice plans and strategies are formed by educated people, and often ignorant people are chosen to execute them. The unjust world only calls ignorance bad. However, the biggest criminal is educated.

Who is educated?

Having an educational degree does not mean education. Everywhere, there have been uneducated people whose knowledge is much greater than the collective knowledge of all the educated people everywhere, such as the Prophet of God.  An educated person is only one who has a good stock of worldly and divine knowledge and practices it to a sufficient extent. To have worldly knowledge or to have only divine knowledge is the same as someone who is lame, one-eyed, or half-brained. Or like the water of a spring, from which clean and dirty water are coming together. That water is not suitable for drinking or bathing. Such a person is more dangerous and wrong than the uneducated, as we see in every era.

Looking at the character of man, I often wonder why God created the devil despite the existence of man.

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