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 Race And Religion

When someone raised temptation in the world, I felt that the claim of Satan was true: I am superior; why should I bow down to anyone? Satanic thinking۔At the hands of race, religion, color, and language, human beings have faced the most shameful atrocities and problems, and these atrocities are still going on in this so-called civilized world. There has never been a happy period in the history of the world in which the specter of racism and religious hatred has ever been eradicated. Yes, temporarily it reduced many times, but after a while, this ghost comes out of the bottle again.

No temple, no church, no mosque, and no wisdom could give reason to this ghost. Even today, it has troubled and haunted the East and the West. Recently, intellectuals have predicted that the 21st century will be a century of conflict between Christianity and Islam. The question arises: when were they brothers before? Or when Judaism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam were once loved and respected by all, or once they were close to each other, and now they have fallen apart and become victims of enmity?

The so-called scholar also said that although Confucianism is fundamentally different from Islam, it can unite Islam against the West. On what basis? For what reason? Or why should this alliance bother to travel thousands of kilometers away? Why should it not unite against Hinduism, which is perceived as the enemy of the West? It is a demonstration of ethnic and religious superiority, which is enhanced by wealth, power, and interests. This is a new style of nationalism that takes white color and language from another race, religion, and language.

God Says
Merciful God said that all human beings are children of the same father. They are equal. Honorable in the sight of God is he who does the best. But the claim of creation from the Creator is reversed: I am greater than others because my color is white, my language is broad, my religion is greater than the religion of your God, and my race is greater because my stature is good.

Could this thought be of any other than a brute creature? The interesting thing is that today, a nation with such thinking is also called a civilized and educated nation. This race, color, language, and the new ghost are being presented in new colors. Why is a man so fond of evil deeds and evil? Why is a man so bad and vile? Why is a man so barbaric and cruel?

A more low thought can be someone who thinks that a person or a nation is superior because his color and dress are better than others; he has more accessories than others, regardless of his character. Kind God Himself said that those who do not live according to their own wisdom and God’s way of life are the worst animals. Seeing the superiority of religion, color, and race among educated nations, this fact can be understood very well by looking at these verses of God’s revelation. God says that their example is like that of a donkey, on which many books are loaded.

This deadly epidemic is common
This attitude is found everywhere. Everyone considers himself better than others because of some distinction. Even those who consider themselves pious consider this quality a reason for their superiority. However, God has strictly forbidden a pious servant to consider himself better than others.

Ghost Of Race

There has been war and chaos in the world since eternity. What is the main reason for it? Apparently, whatever the reasons are, you will see the ghosts of race and sect dancing everywhere. Man is so barbaric that he has killed millions of people based on these foundations, and the lives of millions have become hellish.

But he is still not sorry for his dirty mistake and bad thinking. Now the world is controlled by the Christian sect and race. And they claim superiority. But those who are followers of this sect or only of their race. They consider them friends, regardless of their views. But all the rest of the world, whose color, religion, and language are different from theirs, are considered enemies. Even if the others do not have the strength and courage to be hostile,.

If the rest of the world accepts the Christian religion today, all their sins will be forgiven. There will be a period of peace and prosperity in the whole world. But it will be for a short time, because man cannot remain human for long. If Muslims or Hindus come to power, their attitude will be the same. Because the vast majority of human beings are deeply attracted to evil deeds,. Because a creature that does not obey the words of its God and Creator will not obey the words of human beings like himself.

All the horrors of the world show that cities were once forests. This is not so true, but it should be said that the horrors of the forest are showing that these forests must have once been cities.

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