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Our Health And Food

Some people in the village were sitting. There was a discussion on human health and the availability of natural food in the village. Upon my inquiry, an elder told me that in the seventies, there were fifteen houses in our village, and the population consisted of about one hundred people. He said that very simple food was eaten, and everyone looked healthy and happy. The elderly person said that he got sick for the first time at the age of forty. He got malaria, and so he met a doctor for the first time in his life. The injection was done for the first time, and the feeling of fear is still there. The old man laughed so much that when the doctor gave the injection, I screamed loudly out of fear and the doctor laughed too.

I asked how many people were sick in the village at that time, and he said two servants were suffering from TB. I asked about the health of the rest of the villagers. So he started saying that cold patients would sometimes come forward, but they would be cured by local treatment. I asked the elder, How was the health of the nearby villagers? He said that the situation in all the nearby villages was similar to ours. The new generation may think this is a fairy tale, but it is a fact that an 80- or 90-year-old elder of any society can attest to.

 Our Recent Health History

I asked if there were any patients with heart, sugar, or blood pressure anywhere. The old man looked at me with surprise, which made it clear that maybe he was hearing the names of these diseases for the first time. And I am a witness to this fact; my age is 56 I have not heard the names of these patients since matriculation. Nor have I been in contact with any doctor since matriculation.

Amazing Story Of Health and Food

I am 56 years old, and I have three older brothers. Now our children also have children. Until now, our wives did not go to any doctor or nurse in the matter of maternity. It makes one wonder how the deterioration of health has worsened so much in just a few decades. I asked, How is your health now? He said not only me, but everyone seems sick for the last three or four decades. When I asked why this had happened, he replied that I think artificial food, especially artificial ghee and sugar used three times a day, is the main reason.

Our Foods

According to my personal research over the years, there is no other significant factor contributing to the deterioration of human health except the harmful effects of man-made and improper diets. In particular, artificial ghee and sugar consumed daily and several times a day are the main reasons.۔When I researched artificial ghee and sugar, a modern medical researcher came out as a critic. I found everyone to be critical of both, especially Japanese nutritionists.

Second, I believe that every human being is a research laboratory in terms of food. There is hardly any reasonable person in the whole world who believes that artificial ghee, machine sugar, and other machine foods developed in modern times are better for human health. But the human population and food problems have increased so much that there is no alternative to these artificial foods.

Organic Foods

The sad thing is that instead of governments, institutions, and doctors discouraging artificial foods, they are patronizing the food mafia everywhere. In every society, there are only a few people who are making worthwhile efforts to promote organic food. This very important work has been done on a very limited scale till now. Governments and institutions need to promote this important issue of human life on a large scale. In my view, the media and doctors can play a very important role in this regard. Just as the media, civil society, and doctors play a role against drugs, they should play a role in this serious human problem.

 I think the most important problem in the world at the moment is human-defective synthetic foods and unnatural lifestyles After researching with many people and monitoring my body for many years, I have come to the conclusion that if a person manages only five things well and consistently, most health problems can be solved. Fortunately, 99% of the population of the world can easily manage what they are not doing because of a lack of knowledge, negligence, or punishment from nature. These five duties are:

ٖFive Numbers

Number 1: going to bed early at night and waking up before the sun rises.

Number 2: Sweating from the body at any time of the day or shortness of breath for some time. Number 3. Keeping the least negative thoughts in the mind and heart and continuing to increase the positive thoughts of human compassion.

Number 4: complete avoidance of daily food items such as artificial ghee, sugar, and packaged milk and substantial avoidance of man-made food items that are less consumed.

Number 5. Always use pure ghee instead of artificial ghee and jaggery instead of sugar, and ensure the use of cooking items in earthen pots.

Among these duties, except for one, there is no other such duty that is difficult to fulfill. That duty is to promote positive thoughts in place of negative thoughts in the heart and mind. But in my opinion, if the intention of a person is clear, this work is not difficult for him. If you find this task difficult or impossible, remember that negative thoughts and emotions are like a strong poison that poisons even your best food.


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