Hearty Foods

Grape,Pomegranate and Meat Are Heart Foods

by Izat Khan


Wine of Nature

Grapes are the dancing gift of nature to man. It is hearty food and makes you hearty. Nature sometimes likes to swing itself and its creations. Grapes are nature’s greatest helpers in this regard.

Heat is life and grape juice is the best heat. It is also the best medicine for human health. It is mildly hot in terms of properties. Therefore, it can be used by people of all temperaments. It is an invaluable food and medicine, especially for cold-tempered people. It gives energy to the weak body. It is the best medicine for many diseases of the stomach.


Pure Food and Medicine

It strengthens the heart. A person with a hot temper should use this food in small quantities. This food has great results for the nervous and weak. It strengthens and nourishes the organs in the human body. It acts as a computer refresh key in our nervous system, and no other food has this honor. It is the only human food that changes or forgets the many sorrows of man. If eaten the way John Keats described it, this hearty food can indeed turn sorrow into hearty comfort. It gives new life to a weak stomach. But according to the law of nature, an excess of everything is fatal.


Its vinegar has good effects on health when used daily, but only in small quantities. The use of dried grapes for the body of a cold body is marvelous. Grapefruit vinegar does not contain nutrients, but it provides nutrition to the affected body in combination with other nutrients.


Pretty Food

It also looks like heavenly food for human beings. Pomegranate seeds are not only the best tonic for health but also their bark, and their plant bark is the best medicine. If you have pomegranates and you say I have a stomach ailment and weakness, I think you are a liar. Use pomegranate seeds and dried peels daily, and use your food according to your body’s temperament. If your stomach and body feel weak, you start eating it in the morning and evening. After a few days, your stomach and body will feel better.
Pomegranate gives more benefits to the hot-tempered body. The cold-tempered body should be used sparingly. Overconsumption causes harm. This beautiful food cleanses our stomach and body waste very well. Makes our face clean and red like it is lovely. Make a poultice of its dry skin and consume one spoon at night while sleeping. It is said to be very useful for the stomach, skin, and mental peace.


Every food is good for moderate temperaments, provided it is used in small quantities. A moderate temperament is lucky. If they eat their food in small quantities, they are often protected from diseases. The disease quickly takes over the bodies of those who eat food without understanding their mood.

Pomegranate has a pleasant effect on the human nerves. It is very good for inflammation and the strength of the stomach and liver. The pomegranate peel should be dried and then ground. Taking a spoonful of fennel and small cardamom mixed with it after eating reduces many stomach problems


Nutrient and heathy Food

Meat is a powerful and delicious food. If a person does not use it according to the temperament of his body, it is also very harmful. The flesh of each animal has its own distinct temperament and effect, and it is not advisable to use it without understanding.

Today, we will talk briefly about the meat of a cow. This meat has a cold effect. It is considered very useful for a warm-tempered body. It softens the mood of the body and thus becomes a part of the body, leading to strength and pleasure. But its excessive use weakens the stomach for a warm-tempered body. It is a source of strength and pleasure. Particularly, the tongue and head meat of cows are best for a warm body. But if the stomach is weak, its usefulness is greatly reduced. Its daily use is harmful to everyone. The human stomach and temperament of the body have not been made meat-friendly. Please use this food carefully. I have considered it necessary to mention beef because, apart from rabbit and camel meat, beef is the only meat that is good for hot-tempered bodies. All other meats are more hot-tempered, which is harmful to hot-tempered bodies.


The effect of buffalo meat is the opposite of that of cow meat, which I will explain in the next blog.

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