Liars Cruel Man and God

God And Cruel Man

by Izat Khan


Liars and cruel

If man had faith in God and the resurrection that happens at the time of death and that death can come at any moment, would the world be like this? Surely, the world would not have been like this?  But here, billions of liars and cruel people claim to believe in God and the Resurrection. Surely there would have been social and economic justice everywhere. Here, there would be peace and tranquility. Here, everyone would wish well for others.

If this were true, we would have seen that a landlord would have given a few miles of land to a landless person if not an acre. The owner of many houses used to give one of his houses to a homeless person free of charge just for housing. We see everywhere that a big industrialist would be distributing the income of one of his factories to his poor workers. Surely a billionaire would be spending a few crores on his human welfare. If we look at the small scale, a millionaire is not distributing a few lakhs. A millionaire is not distributing a few thousand.

Man Is Too Much Greedy and Selfish


If someone else is doing this, it must be an angelic person. But this is not a matter of a few, it is a matter of common human behavior that the person is self-interested, opportunistic, brutal, unjust, and selfish. In today’s educated, cultured, enlightened, and happy age, no one is willing to give a good pair of clothes to cover a naked body. No teacher is ready to teach a few poor children for free. No doctor is ready to treat a dying poor patient. No, there is no denying that there are many good souls. Here we are not talking about a few good souls, but about the total human character and thinking.


 God and Man

God says When the stars will be cast down without light. When the skin of the sky will be removed. When the seas will be set on fire. When the children will grow old. When the eyes will be widened۔The father will refuse to recognize the son. Neither a relative nor a friend will help anyone, but will not even think of helping. with fear. The man knows very well that all this is going to happen, but will happen, but he is not ready to change his actions۔ Good souls are also forced to say to their God, “O God, let us break it or keep it, Lord because life has become a house of the bankrupt.


marx was right


“The biggest problem of human life is the livelihood. All other aspects of life are directly related to this one important problem. How can it be imagined when a man could not solve such an important problem despite the passing of centuries. That it will or can solve other problems because you cannot end the hunger and pain of the hungry by showing them pictures of apples. Every year man spends billions of dollars on weddings, ceremonies, trips for meaningless talks, tourism, and on his birthday and his fame and show. With the same amount of money, many welfare works can be done by which the problems of humanity can be eliminated, but the brutal and savage man has never been ready to do such a thing even for a year. 

We dominate the entire scale of cynicism


The income of the crime kingpins has been more than ten billion pounds at this time. On the other hand, billions of people die in pain and suffering for a few pounds. He who does not obey his Creator and Owner. A creature that does not obey its Creator and Sustainer. How can we hope for good from this beast? Seeing the nature and behavior of this savage creature which has been the same for centuries, is very important for economic and social justice there should be new a very strict system for this beast. It is very very necessary to have a very strict penal system and a just and powerful dictator because a just person can never be a dictator, he has the best democratic.

From time immemorial, the bad guys have been the majority in the world and it will remain so in the democratic system because this system represents majority rule. The government will continue to be of worse people. The people have become so accustomed to this system that man has traveled to the moon and Mars, but he is not able to create a new system but could do any significant improvements matching human nature, but he is working hard day and night to strengthen it in present shape. What a human reason that a vote for Jesus is equal to a robber! In this system, Moses can be defeated by the abnormal magician. Are you still believe that man is not a cruel and brutal creature.

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