Human Attitude And God

Human Attitude and God’s Command

Man’s desire for wealth, fame, lust, and desire in relation to his God and fellow human beings are highly dependent. These four-sided, foul-smelling springs are constantly rippling. When the believer wants to quench his thirst from that dirty spring, God also casts an iron curtain over his heart and mind. Thus man leaves the land of humanity and adopts the attitude that enters the land of animalism.

All the beauty and glory of man lie in controlling these four desires i.e. desire for power, desire for fame, desire for lust, and desire for money according to the law of nature. As much as one can do this delicate and difficult task well then a ladder of elevated paradise is placed in front of him. From now on he depends on where he takes his last good step. Here a noble person comes to know that beyond the stars, there are others. The realm of light can be seen from here. Anyone who has ever tried to step on another ladder except this majestic ladder will be a devil. It is a ladder of descent, not of elevation, and descent seems good and easy to the human soul.

Humans Are prisoners of desires


The vast majority of human beings succumb to these four desires, so God seals the hearts and minds of these human beings with bestiality and says that those who do not take intellect are worse than animals.
To compare nobility and bestiality, the human story becomes something like that if human life is a hundred-page book, then there is a story of brutality on ninety-eight pages and deeds of nobility on two pages. Seventy pages of the book are written in blood and twelve pages are filled with black works and sixteen pages are yellow where, the shadows of sickness, ignorance, fear, and terror, scattered houses, stories of sorrow and pain make the world look like hell. If these two pages were not of human dignity, human beings were so horrible and painful, millions would go mad and start living in the jungle.


Thinkers and Human Beings


This story of mine makes me want to stop because it can also make the heart of the Creator of the universe sad.
The Western thinker Hegel says that the basis of human action is self-interest. Man is captive of his own self-interest. Man does not even care about religion and law for the sake of interest.


Herder writes that human life and history are shrouded in misery. Human destiny consists of oppressive rulers and their filthy laws.

According to Kant, man wants to live a life of luxury. Human warfare will continue until a complete system is established. The famous thinker Vicho says that man is naturally selfish. He sees his own interest in every action. He does not use his emotions for justice. Animal desires are predominant in man. He wants to live together. He also wants the benefit of his family, city, and country but in this case, too he sees his own benefit first. Man can only be compelled by the law of nature and power. This is the way of goodness and is made by God.

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