Humanity And Humans


Man has abused the status of man and humanity so much that now it wants to be separated from man. Man has started to measure humanity with race, paper pieces, iron, and bricks. Is there a person whose color is white, whose facial features are better than others, who has more of life’s goods, or who has more of life’s goods? Can this person be related to humanity who lives in a palace or a simple house and is blessed with all the divine comforts or with fewer comforts? His life revolves around his family or a few close ones. Who has nothing to do with anyone’s happiness or sadness and is happy with his condition. Because he thinks of himself as big and believes in the philosophy of staying away from people of lesser status.

But there are millions of such people, and even then, they are stubborn enough to be called humans. Can race, iron, brick, colored paper, or the whiteness of one’s existence be an asset of human superiority? Can any intelligent person even think of accepting these things as the standard of superiority?

 Merciful God Add Savage man

For centuries, the so-called educated people have made it the standard. Man is so bad and vile that he does not accept the standard of excellence described by God. If he did, would the world be like this? God has a standard defined from eternity, the truth of which even the wicked cannot deny, that the most honorable among you is the one whose character is the best, whether his color is black or white, whether he is rich or poor, whether African or European, lame or blind, regardless of race.

God and the Sense of Superiority

In the eyes of God, that person is great whose thoughts and actions are great and good, no matter what kind of feeling of superiority it is; it is a race tree on which no good fruit can ever grow. Satan did not prostrate to our father, Adam, because I thought he was higher in rank than Adam. The universe’s first crime and sin were born out of a sense of superiority. Due to this, God sent a man to this earth as a punishment and also for a test. The result of this examination will be on the day of judgment.
It can be said with certainty that if the element of feeling superiority is found in the papers, he will surely fail and deserve hell. Are the people of Europe willing to consider a black person or a citizen of a developing country as their equal? If so, how many people will be there, and with what heart will they accept equality? Or how many people will there be in this world who respect a person only by looking at their character and not at race, color, or wealth?

God Defines

That is why our creator, God, has said that those who do not act with reason are worse than animals. Do you do justice to the position you and I are in?

India has a population of over a billion. There is an inexplicable and horrible concept of racial superiority. There are four racial levels. Within each level, there is considerable variation.

Jews consider themselves to be superior beings to the whole world.

Muslims are very proud of their brotherhood and equality. Theoretically, there is no doubt about this fact. It was also shown by practicing it in the Prophet’s covenant. But later, they showed the same immorality that the rest of the nations have done.

God’s order is in front of all human beings. The teachings of the prophets are also in front of everyone. People of knowledge, science, and the mind of every human being are also witnesses to the fact that the greatest is the one who is the greatest. But man is so ignorant, cruel, and selfish that he does not believe the truth with an open heart and mind. Rather, because of his false ego and arrogance, he has spilled the blood of millions of people and destroyed the lives of millions of people.

This is the new style of a man’s self-deception. Changing a turban does not increase a person’s height, nor does wearing high-heeled shoes.

All the bonds of human unity could have been broken instead of being strengthened by the hands of man. The race was only one, but they became thousands. The homeland was common to all. There are hundreds. The position and rank have been combined. Today there are hundreds

The only solution

. In such a situation, what is the relationship that can eliminate all the differences? There is only one relationship, and that is the oneness of God. And if we accept his command, all the differences can not only be removed, but the relationships can be very strong. To fully understand the concept of God and the commandments, we must first completely rebel against our traditional beliefs and false teachings. Otherwise, our minds and hearts can’t come out of the poison of centuries of racism and religious fanaticism.

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