Humans And God

by Izat Khan

So-called Great Humans And God

O God! You can do whatever you want. What is the time for a despicable insect like me to give an opinion? But the thought comes a lot: What did you do by creating a human being? The great mental thought of the so-called human beings, which is written everywhere in a prominent place and in clear letters, is that “let the whole town burn, but let not my house burn.” Humans have a doubt that the sun that changes the days never rises for us. We don’t know where this doubt is coming from. Because in reality, human beings are only their deeds and thoughts, from which the sun of humanity never rises.

There are many areas in this world where crores of people suffer the harshness of cold and hot weather throughout their lives, while on the other hand, millions of people live a comfortable life free from the harshness of the seasons. Apparently, this is a common problem, but in reality, it is a very painful human problem. Only feelings can explain this pain.

But from eternity to this day, these millions have not even tried to free these millions of people from severe hardships for one day. Wherever their problems have been solved, it has been done by the local people’s own efforts. No one from outside solved their problems by being overwhelmed by a sense of humanity. Do you know why human-made dictionaries have the word feelings of humanity?

Your problem is yours, not ours.

How many people worked for the timely and immediate supply of electricity, gas, transport, medicine, and grain in these difficult areas? I have not heard from anyone to date. Only those people who live in such areas realize this. This brings out the human reality that people are not ready to help anyone without benefit or any other greed, even if it is the problem of suffering and pain for crores of people. Then how much truth is there in this human claim that he is a creature with reason and feelings?

Is it not a falsehood that human beings have more sense, love, loyalty, and the spirit of sacrifice than other creatures? Many good intellectuals have shamed men by saying that dogs are better than you, who always put a man to shame in loyalty, love, and feeling.

Millions of people wake up before the sun rises. After drinking simple tea, they go to work, making them sweat and breathe all day. During the work, they face insults and insensitivity. And this work is a matter of a lifetime. In exchange for this work and suffering, they get a few coins. Their boss is earning crores for doing nothing. It is beyond my understanding why the words feeling and humanity are written in the human dictionary. Why this? After all, how is this?

Under what principle? By what law? What reason or what religion or morality allows this? That is why God has said in His Holy Book that the evil and dirty thoughts of bad people continue to increase.

Go To Hell

Compassion goes to hell, sincerity goes to the giver of names, and selflessness goes to the forest, be it a store or a bus stop, a hospital or an office, a university or a ticket house, even in places of worship, to show a person in the world that someone is giving priority to others. If man were the best creature, good people would be abundant everywhere and at all times. But such a time has never come and will never come in human history.

Humans are doing this knowingly, so resurrection and hell are necessary. Why is a noble and true intellectual getting thousands of royalties for his years of hard work, and why is an obscene song getting millions of monthly royalties?

Does color have evil, good, spiritual influence, fertility, or high or low effects? Then why has there been such a difference between black and white among millions of people since eternity? Have you ever seen crows and herons fighting in a forest? Or have you ever seen a black bear fight with a white fox because of a color difference? Do you still think that you are better than animals, despite having an impure opinion of the importance of colors?

Millions of people shed false tears over the death of an animal due to oppression of any kind, but because of famine, hunger, destitution, and oppression, millions of people sigh, moan, cry, melt, and die, but there is no crying, no mourning, no lamentation, no sadness, no revolution. Why is this scene like Doomsday? Do they still have the same opinion that man is a great creature?

This is delusion Of Humans

We, the so-called and self-proclaimed great human beings, throw billions of dollars into the fire every year just for the comfort of our dirty hearts, while in front of us, crores of peddlers are seen dancing madly to the tune of bankruptcy. Why is this behavior worse than that of wild and crazy animals?

When the crores of people who get up before the sun rises and after toiling all day are limping home,.  Have you seen any members of the so-called great creation? He got out of the car and asked a laborer if there was any equipment for staying the night or not.

Even though our tables are decorated with various kinds of fruits and food, when a hungry beggar comes to ask, why does our nose turn up and hit our foreheads?

99% of people have this wish that so-and-so’s bungalow and car would be mine, and that person would be poor and subservient to me. Why? My dreams have turned out a lot, but still, the situation that has turned out less is everywhere.

An artist’s masterpiece, in which extreme poverty, helplessness, sorrow, and crying sadness are shown, becomes popular all over the world and earns millions of dollars in a single year, while no one is ready to face the real masterpiece. Why is there evidence of hypocrisy everywhere?

The actions of this so-called great human being are very bitter. Due to these bitter actions and dirty thinking, every society has become polluted. Millions are seen dancing to the rhythm of sadness. Therefore, social and mental problems are seen everywhere. Hey, flower! Oh heart! One can hear the persuasive voices.

There are so many encounters with walking dead bodies that life seems like a miracle. Give me a sparkling glass of poison, for the man of this age is laughed at.

Kind God

Oh God! Oh God! I can’t even imagine the insolence of your great personality. What should I say? Why is this situation happening? God Himself told the man a long time ago that those who do not obey God and His messengers are worse than animals.

God has said that we do not oppress a person in the slightest, but the punishment he receives is due to his actions.

God has also told me that I will show the evil person the evil and crooked path due to his evil mindset. Also, God tells man that we write the reward of good deeds in humans seven to seven hundred times, but evil is written as it is.

What do you think, friends, that a human being can hang a holy person like Jesus? Can such a creature ever recover? That’s why God has set the day of judgment for reckoning.

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