Humans Are Animals?

Humans and Animals

Friends, in the previous blog, we talked about our so-called great, wise, and able ruler. This blog is also a continuation of the same link. The Romans also ruled over a large part of the earth for centuries. “Keep in mind I am talking about humans, not savage animals”.These so-called great kings of ours used to force humans to fight with beasts for their own pleasure and fun. They were more happy when the beasts tore and ate them apart. You can imagine for yourself that this was their entertainment. What will it be like when they adopt a brutal method of punishing someone?

greater than every creature

What do you think about this hilarious and reprehensible claim when it is said that man is the greatest creature? Do not think that this is a story of the past. Now the situation has changed. Has the human being changed? Has the human being changed his nature? More disgusting and horrible tortures have happened to every subjugated person in this century. Rather, they happened in Afghanistan and Iraq a few years ago. Rather, such tortures have been done by Afghans and Iraqis themselves to their own brothers. Even when a man can show cruelty and brutality, he will show more brutality than before.

God confirms

God has said in His Holy Revelation that people who do not obey God and His Prophet are worse than all the animals. The great majority of people in this world have not obeyed God’s commandments and the advice of the Messenger in every age. That is why we see and will continue to see the majority of wild animals at every age. God has told you in the revelation that you will find the majority of sinners, ungrateful, and oppressors.

FilthyAnd and dirty kings

Our dirty and filthy kings used to pour inflammable substances on human bodies, set fire to these forced people, and then celebrate in the same light. Can any wild animal or devil imagine such a horror? Is man a great creature? There was also a time in Christianity when a dead Christian was not allowed to be buried in the ground. It is said that if Qaluptra’s nose were slightly crooked, thousands of people would not only have been saved from being killed, but also human history would have been different.

Why would this happen? Only the lust of our so-called great ruler would be satisfied. That is, according to human reason and conscience, only the one who kills millions of human beings in a barbaric way and poisons the lives of millions of living human beings with life-long suffering is great. Except for a few kings in human history, if you read about the kings, their ministers, and advisers, you will find them all in the form of Satan incarnate. Cruelty, injustice, coercion, cruelty, deceit, hypocrisy, lust for wealth and power, and all those bad qualities that are hardly found in all animals—you will see all these in a human being.

Human Being’s Claim

A man’s claim is very vain. Man claims that we are the only creatures with great intelligence. Similarly, birds can claim that we are the only flying creatures. An elephant can claim to be the most powerful animal. When all the creatures are gathered together, it is decided which is the worst creature despite having intelligence. So what will be said? Apart from this, there can be an answer that man does not have any second of himself in being bad.

The horrors of the so-called good human

For a while, we come to the world of so-called good people. From 1471 to 1800, four hundred thousand people were killed in Europe by religious fanatics. The irony was that the same people who had reason were killed. 32 thousand people were burned alive at the hands of these people. You can imagine the horror of the rest of the punishments.  These fanatics have ruined many Copernicus and Galileos in every region of the world. In the name of religion, millions of people have been brutally killed in this world by the so-called servants of God.As many murders, injustices, and repressions have been done by man in the name of God, so many murders have not been done for any other purpose to date.

That is to say, man does the most barbaric thing to prove himself better than others. What terrible atrocities did the Jews do to the Christians, and when the Christians got the upper hand, how did they show the horrible atrocities to the Jews? All this is in the history books. Why don’t the planets fall on the earth?

Did God or the messengers order us to do this? Absolutely not. God strictly forbade it. God’s messengers came to protect man from evil and encourage him to do good deeds. If man were so intelligent, why would he not understand these commandments? Yes, it can be claimed that human intelligence understands every evil very well. He assigns the duty of understanding all forms of goodness to dogs, cats, and other animals.

Neither the East nor the West is free from it. There has been a lot of pain in the heart and mind in this world. #HistoryLover#humans and animals#God and humans#Great king #human nature Read More:

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