Humans Are Cruel And Selfish


Humans are very cruel and selfish creatures

For the welfare of the poor all over the world, only about 500 billion dollars are needed. But for this huge and pure purpose, there is no money. By which it is possible to solve the painful sufferings and griefs of millions of people. Through this process, it is possible to eliminate the sky like hell from the earth. The so-called superior creature, which we call human beings, spends much more on football, golf, cricket, and alcohol. Look at the savagery of human beings. The sex business costs much more than that, but the savage man insists that I am the highest creature.

The colors of wild creatures

Man is gambling about sixty billion dollars every year. Millions of people are forced to eat grass due to the bad conscience of high conscience. Man eats billions of dollars worth of ice cream every year, but that does not help the hungry man. On the other hand, the man who claims to be the highest creature spends trillions of dollars a year on big houses, big cars, clothes, shoes, and decorations, but it does not hurt his conscience


Caveman and Cave Thinking
O inhabitants of the cave and the forest! Does living in your two rooms suffocate you? Cover the body with leaves! Do two or three pairs of clothes spoil your skin? Oh, man! You have walked barefoot for centuries, and now doing so paralyzes your legs? Nothing happens to you, man. Only your wild thinking has prevented you from doing any good. Only a few hundred people have accumulated more than half of the world’s wealth. The man is spending so much money every year on dogs, cats, pigs, and other domestic animals and birds, leaving him behind and humiliating him. If this money is spent, then all forms of misery can be erased. But there is a big difference between a dog and a human. How can a savage man do that?

Cruelty Prevails

Opium wisdom is still at the forefront of the United Nations on how to strengthen this barbaric and absurd system. Eighty million children are forced to clean their homes, tables, chairs, and shops to fill their stomachs. Millions suffer every year from malnutrition, animal games, and war conflicts. Millions of mothers die during childbirth. And some sons don’t get bored at all.

Question With No Answer

The poet rightly said that the answer to which the whole world cannot give is the question of the heart of a poor person. Why is a man so savage, selfish, hypocritical, mean, ignorant, and cunning? It is horrible to think like this. One can imagine what man would do if there was no resurrection on the Day of Judgment.

Humans are Dirtiest

Man is the dirtiest savage beast. He tells lies, but it is a great lie that he calls the forest animals beasts and considers himself the highest creature.
However, the situation is quite the opposite.
If a person gives up film and sports for the eradication of poverty and ignorance for only one year, it can be said with a supplication that hundreds of sorrows will be alleviated. But man has not been able to do so much before and may not be able to do it later.

Man Of God

God has made it clear from His revelation that people who do not live according to the way God and His messengers have told them and do not use their intellect positively are worse than animals. Few people out of a billion deserve to be called humans. These few angels are now found saying, O Creator! Give the human intellect to the animals or make the sky red. Man has been showing all the accessories associated with extreme savagery in the realm of life from time immemorial. It cannot be proved by giving the example of a few pure and good human beings that man is a superior creature and not a savage beast.

The poet may have said in those moments, O despair! Do not create the time of resurrection in my heart and mind as you allow me to recover.


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