Immunity,Food And Health

Immunity, Food, And Health

Who says that food is the guarantee of health, and why do people believe it to be true? I don’t know who says it or how people even admit that health is made from food. It is true that food is necessary to live. Food is necessary to improve health, but it is also true that food can also deteriorate health. Food is not a guarantee of health; it is a guarantee of the improvement or deterioration of health and your natural immunity system. Immunity, not food, is the guarantor of health.

Today, every human being is so conscious that there are millions of people in this world who have not eaten good nutrition in their whole lives. They neither follow the rules of health throughout life nor live in a healthy environment. Rather, they live their lives as if they have decided to ruin their health. According to medical principles, they should die, but then they are living a healthy life.

So, from these millions of examples, it can be easily concluded that food is not a guarantee of health. Food is a guarantee of improvement or deterioration of health. The question arises as to what the guarantor of health is. Nature is the guarantor of human health. God has given man health and sent him to this earth. If someone is born sick, 99% of the disease is caused by the parents. Somewhere, how can one percent be due to some reason? What I understand is a mystery. Which, in any case, turns out to be better in the end. It is a different thing that we do not fully understand that mysteriousness.

Charm Of Immunity

Why does a healthy child or youth get sick? By eating bad food or food against the human body’s temperament, by drinking bad water, or by catching a virus. But it is also a fact that one person is getting sick from food, water, or a virus, but another person is not sick from the same. Sometimes a house or a whole town or city gets sick, but a few people do not get sick. This is the charm of immunity. And in some cases, the grace of nature is also included.

The guarantor of human health is the immunity in the body. The more immunity there is, the better the health. Better health is the guarantee of physical strength. Diet, precautions, exercise, and environment are the next numbers.

Strength And Weakness Of Immunity

For every person who has natural immunity, nature as a warning can make him sick for a few days. Otherwise, no food, no bacterium, or no virus is strong enough to make a person with natural immunity sick. Natural immunity is a gift of nature that is given to man at birth. Weakening or strengthening this natural gift depends on the man. Our diet and lifestyle only weaken or strengthen this gift. It is such a remarkable gift of nature that if one does not try to strengthen it with food and lifestyle and only tries to maintain it, then it can fight all kinds of diseases.

Nature is very kind. It is known that many people in every era will not be able to eat a full meal of simple bread. That is why it made the human body in such a way that even with very simple and incomplete food, human immunity is fine. That’s why we see many poor and very simple bread eaters who are very healthy in every era. The main reason for this is that their immunity has not been weakened since childhood.

The question arises: how is immunity maintained and how is it weakened? And the more important question is: where is the real source of immunity? The biggest, but in my opinion, the only source of immunity, is mother’s milk. If a healthy mother continues to breastfeed her child for two years, the child will have the best immunity. After the child’s immunity is complete, there is a need for polishing. It happens, and there is only one source of natural polishing, which is clean clay. Even if he did not play with clean clay in his childhood, his immunity cannot be better imagined.

Now you can understand the fact that poor people eat very simple food and look healthy despite living in a poor environment. Their mother breastfeeds them for two years, and they spend their entire childhood tilling the soil. Another amazing benefit for a child who drinks his mother’s milk and is exposed to clean soil is that every food becomes a complete part of his body. That is why such children, even if they eat simple grains all their lives, have good physical strength.

Good Examples Of Immunity

I have seen a thousand examples in my city. In my village, there are many examples of people whose childhood was spent in extreme poverty and a dirty environment, and they are still suffering from poverty, but the mother’s milk and clean soil have shown miracles that their health and physical strength are many times better than many children who eat many times better than them and live in a better environment, but they were more deprived of mother’s milk in their childhood and used to play on the marble floor.

Friends, if you drank your mother’s milk for two years as a child, if you spent your first ten years playing in the mud, and if you kept your youth under control from the age of fourteen to twenty years, then you are definitely very healthy. You will be full of strength. You must not be influenced by the propaganda of the food mafia. Your health will be better than eating a simple diet.

Friends, this is also my profound observation, and you can easily do it too. People who have successfully completed the stage of gaining immunity in childhood have a very strong stomach. It plays a very important role in keeping the main organ strong. Even if you are missing one of the above criteria, there is no need to worry. You can come to the front line with exercise, a healthy diet, and positive thinking. If you don’t fulfill any conditions, then I sympathize with you. You should focus more on positive thinking and humanitarian work than food. Nature is very kind and generous. Only nature can show miracles. Read more:

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