In The World Of Cruel Creature

Cruel Creature

by Izat Khan

World of Brutal and Cruel

If you want to understand that savagery, meanness, and brutal cruelties exist, then you should not go to see the world of the forest. This savage form is completely present in the world of man.
What can be said about human thoughts and their character? In this world, the one who lies and persuades with great perfection is admirable. In many places, the imitation of the night is called the good news of dawn. Here, the one who excels in cunning and craftiness finds beauty in glory and fame. Those who die by harassing humanity are called martyrs, and those who tell the wrong way when asked are called guides.
Those who spend forbidden earnings on forbidden purposes are called generous, and those who destroy their homes for the sake of others are called abnormal.Today, not the fire extinguishers, but the fire-starters are being given the right to lead. It is the age of revolution; children call their mother mummy, and their father is called dad. Naturalists are being called conservative. People with queer and poor movements are being called modern.

Our Cruel and Paralyzing Thinking

Those people whose feet were once kissed are now being ridden on their backs̔

Today, the nightingale 
A wedding in the garden with crows is being arranged by roses from the garden.
That act or thing, which was like a shame to say in public, is now in the market's honor.
The world is calling one miserable who forgets himself and is lost in the concern of others. Neither of our thoughts is feeling shame.
In this savage world, we can easily meet moving bodies, so life seems full of miracles.
A Persian poet says I see temptation and evil everywhere on the earth and in the sky. How is a man trying to improve his future when the future is getting worse every day?
Here, the foolish are getting delicious syrup, and the wise are having to take their food from the blood of the liver. Here, the horses are wounded below their waist covers, and the donkeys have gold chains hanging from their necks. Daughters are fighting with their mothers, and sons do not respect their fathers.
Brothers do not care for their brothers, and fathers do not show kindness to their sons.

Only The Environment Changes These

Highways, buildings, offices, factories, and other types of technology are the altered map of our old forest, not the world outside the forest. The new wild descendants of the old wild groups that make and operate these things have only changed their names. Someone calls himself a professor, and someone calls himself a doctor. Some have named themselves scientists, while others have named themselves engineers.



Yes, the difference is so clear. These wild or savage groups have named themselves better than the names of their ancestors; today, someone is called a leader and someone is called a reformer. But the same savage instincts in the savage man are the same old bloodthirsty. The same old immoral goals of this barbarian are driven to gain power, wealth, fame, and lust. Be it past or present, the realities of oppression, cruelty,badness, exploitation, and hunger are so painful that it is not possible for any human being to fully describe an event.
Bloody Creature

Skinning of living people, cutting off different parts of the body for torture before killing and then laughing, burying alive, dropping from ships, watching the dance of a living corpse by sprinkling oil on it. Slaughtering one's children with one's own hands and forcing them to eat them, and the man himself slaughtering and eating his children due to hunger, are not old realities.
God the cave era and today
Whether the man is from the cave or from the white house, he meets every level of horror and injustice in every era.God has clearly said about man in his revelation that God has given man a very beautiful form and intellect.But most human beings have chosen to be low; that is, they have taken the form of wretched creatures. God has also explained the reason that a person who does not live according to his intellect and God's way of life will take a worse form than the animals.

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