Hypocrisy And Religion

by Izat Khan

Hypocrisy and Lack of Knowledge

Thus, the majority of human beings are very bad, cruel, self-interested, and hypocritical, but those groups that claim to be good and spread goodness have proven to be the biggest hypocrites and inferiors. Lack of knowledge and traditionalism play a very terrible role in the world of religion. Due to this ignorance and hypocrisy, every society has suffered untold suffering, and this process is still going on in many societies. And this process is still going on in many societies. Religious ignorance and traditionalism have been the main reasons for the backwardness of a country or a nation.

Today I will talk about only one aspect of this religious ignorance, which has a very bad effect on society. Thus, of the few good people who live in the world, we do not get to know them fully. Thus, the world seems to us to consist of evil people. The main reason for this is narrow-minded and less knowledgeable so-called religious people. Thus, of the few good people who live in the world, we do not get to know them fully. Thus, the world seems to us to consist of evil people. The main reason for this is narrow-minded and less knowledgeable religious people.

Hypocrisy in the Name of God

The saddest thing is that this cruelty is being done in the name of a merciful God. How savage and hypocritical is man? It is human nature that those who do not do good or are not capable of doing good become inferior in front of those who are good in society. Instead, they fight them by doing good. They confront the good-doers with their false character and show off their bad habit of raising their stature by pointing out defects in good deeds.

You must have noticed that only a few people in this world appreciate and encourage the good and their good work. The rest of the people blame others for their inferiority complex or their false sense of stature. This is how these evil and low-minded people fall in the eyes of others. This is how we see the majority of fallen people

Second, because of the lack of knowledge, people have created prophetic qualities for the common man to become good and virtuous. If a common man does good deeds as much as he wants, and if his character has one or two defects, then his whole character becomes suspicious in the eyes of the people. Because of this, the good people in society have to face a lot of pain and difficulties.

Hypocritical standards of hypocrisy and inferiority complex

Examples of this are: This is the punishment that every society is going through. The founders and promoters of this punishment are the so-called God-loving people—those who have made the world of God a punishment but are commanded to make it like paradise. I give examples from my society. You can apply them to your society, which will not be different. Good people are considered sinners because of this crime: the prophets did not love wealth and business, and these good people are doing millions of businesses. Then how good are they? However, they do not have any claim to be a prophet or beloved of God at all.

Ill Thinking and Hypocrisy

Many good people are not considered good because of this; they are trying to improve the system by taking part in politics. However, prophets did not participate in politics. So how are these good people?

In past decades, this was a common thing and still is. In many places, many respectable people are considered disrespectful just because they watch plays and movies, educate their daughters, and listen to music together. And the more evil thing they do is accept everything scientists say. Millions of people in developing countries are considered shameless because they are educating their daughters in a city, and their daughters live alone in the city.

Many very sophisticated people live well with hard-earned wealth, and their residences are also magnificent. These people consider them the brothers of Satan because they think that they are spendthrifts. Another argument is that the servants of God live very simply, but these rich people are living a satanic life. No matter how many charitable works these few respectable people do, people suffering from feelings of inferiority and low knowledge do not stop with their dirty propaganda.

Less knowledge is punishment

There are sects of every religion who are each other’s worst enemies. These ignorant religious and inferiority-seeking prejudices, which have prevailed in all ages, are snakes whose only function is to bite and poison. Some are like rabid dogs. These rabid dogs cause fits of insanity in anyone they bite. They invest their talents, time, and money to prove each other wrong.

Instead of bringing those people who are far from God to the right path with their thinking and methods and cooperating because they all claim to please God, in practice, they are committing enmity against God in every place and religion, and thus the whole world is tormented forever. These people cause corruption in societies and hinder progress.


It is a fact that a lack of religious knowledge leads to dangerous ignorance. This ignorance creates the first evil of hypocrisy in human beings. Then hypocrisy gives birth to the children of other evils. In this way, an endless chain of corruption and violence would be created in society. Hypocrisy is a poisonous snake that has no other function than to bite and spread poison.

The sad thing is that everywhere, there is an abundance of these evils. These people are self-interested, fame-hungry, selfish, low-spirited, and hypocritical. They consider their honor to be hidden in the fact that if the honor of others deteriorates, then ours will be strengthened. The stupid and evil mindset of these people is that dishonorable people like us will only be respected if they preach the flaws of those who are bigger than us so much that they become worse in the eyes of others.

This dirty thinking of theirs is rarely successful. But they do not stop their dirty nature. Why? God has said in His holy revelation that I show the evil way to wicked wickedness and hypocrisy. God says that I show the dirty people a punishment by making their dirty deeds good. So that they continue their evil, move forward, and deserve hell.  In reality, these people are victims of evil intentions and an inferiority complex under the guise of religion.

It is also a fact that man is a very evil creature. It is also a fact that man is a very bad creature, which has been witnessed by God himself. Those who do not obey God and the prophets are worse than animals.


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