Injustice of Human being

Man is unjust, cruel and selfish
How cruel, self-interested, selfish, materialistic, and conscience-stricken a man becomes. This fact can be estimated based on the real documents that are present in the government library of your country. I talk about my country, Pakistan. Many books have been written on it. Examples of this type exist in every nation, especially those nations that have been subjugated by another oppressive nation. This also brings out the fact that in slavery, the depraved human becomes worse than any animal.We see disgusting patterns of human injustice in every aspect of life.

Our Land: A Picture Of Injustice

The area of Pakistan is more than 700,000 square kilometers. It has one province, which is agricultural. .Of the total population, Qureshi, Makhdoom, Towane Chaudhary, Syed, Khose, etc. occupy 20% of the area. Jatoi, Soomro, Syed, Bhutto, etc. of Sindh province dominate 30% of the area. 1% Nawab of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. , Hoti, Khattak, Afridi, etc. dominate 13% of the area.

Baluchistan Province is the largest province in terms of area. Its area is more than three hundred thousand square kilometers. The owners of this area are a few nawabs. All these landlords are also the owners of several trillions of civil properties. They have also waived government loans of several billion. All of them are involved in the government. They all have the same unhuman hobby, which is the unique and painful demonstrations of luxury and cruelty, hypocrisy, and injustice.


The pharaohs of time and injustice

Here, the common people greet the pharaohs in the morning and evening. These greetings are not due to devotion, but because of fear and dread. They don’t pay any tax on the annual income of billions. Only they have the forced honor of being respected in society. These people spend billions of dollars annually on their dogs and horses, and their horses eat fruit and their dogs eat meat while their servants wait for Eid or a festival to eat meat.

In Balochistan province, which is the largest province in terms of area, eighty percent of the farmers do not have their graves. All of them are called Muslims, and in their religion, God’s order is to give what you have more than you need to others in need. In front of them, millions of people of the same country, of the same religion, and of the same race are crawling and groaning like insects due to poverty. Instead of helping them, they are showing a dirty smile at their plight.

Democracy in Pharaoh’s guise

These few families rule over 22 million people. These beings are considered to be so-called enlightened and educated. All the rest are considered illiterate and ignorant and have obstacles in the way of progress. However, every act of cruelty, crime, sin, corruption, and conspiracy goes to his palace, mansion, and office. The one whose light reaches even the roughest houses. The sun neither rises nor changes its days. This form of society is usually a form of collective punishment that nature gives. However, a conscious person is saddened to see this.

This form of society is usually a form of collective punishment that nature gives. A conscious person is saddened to see this. When the leaders of the nation consider the turban of humiliation to be a credit of honor and put it on their heads. Despite all this, they want to be called leaders, dignified, and honest. This is the feeling of going to death, which is found in most societies in the world.

Education in the face of ignorance

What is sad is that those who claim to be the most educated and civilized are making all the effort to maintain this miserable state. This whole game of barbarians and tyrants with hypocrites and selfish cowards is going on forever. Whatever aspect of the human being you look at, the character and thinking of the majority of the population will appear to you to be worse than those of animals.

The documented facts mentioned in this blog will be presented in the next blog. How humiliated our dignitaries are! You must know your elders. The condition of our elders was worse than this. The condition of your dignitaries will make your heart cry, provided you do not belong to the same tribe.

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