Interpretation Of Destiny

What Is destiny?

The things or work that you cannot get despite sincerity and hard work are your destiny. Or you get something without hard work, and sincerity is also your destiny. Destiny is that you cannot choose your parents, siblings, country, color, nation, or the time of coming and going in the world. It is your destiny. There are some other areas where destiny rules, like when you cannot fly with your wings and walk on water with your feet, change the seasons, etc. But in general, man writes his own destiny in more important matters.

Destiny And Prophets

The best and most universal tools to shape his destiny are knowledge, hard work, the ability to live with the demands of time, and determination. A person or a nation that has these four tools can never fall. And those who do not have these four tools, or even one or two of them, can never lead a prosperous and honorable life. The correct inspiration for shaping destiny was given by the Prophets of God by saying that one gets knowledge from the womb of the mother till death and that he who earns with his hands is a friend of God. And she also reminded people that God is with those who are determined and patient.

If a person or a nation cannot support the demands of the time and cannot support the newly created needs and conditions, degradation and humiliation become their destiny. Millions of people and many nations are expressing this fact. It is also a fact that no person or nation likes a life of poverty and humiliation. But the distressing question remains in its place: most of them do not succeed in this effort, and the second is even more distressing: why do these people find themselves in this bad situation?

Reprehensible Interpretation Of Destiny

If you look at the history and conditions of the decline of the individual or the nation, the main reason will be seen in common: that the ill-educated, traditionalists, self-interested, selfish, and hypocrites will be responsible for teaching religious education and social studies. In other words, you can say that there will be a lot of religious ignorance and personalism in a society or a home where there is poverty, disease, lawlessness, indifference, ignorance, and subjugation.

There are many dangers of religious ignorance, but one that continues to follow is the lesson taught by religious ignorance about fate. Where every trouble is considered the destiny of man,. It is a lesson of religious ignorance that if you suffer poverty, disease, ignorance, or any other trouble due to your negligence or mistake, then you are told that your fate is dirty.

Thus, the age of the religiously ignorant society passes through poverty, helplessness, and indifference, telling of bad luck. The effect of this shameful religious preaching is so profound that even the most sinful people and murderers attribute their bad and dirty nature to their bad luck.

Religious ignorance, traditionalism, and personality have so much charm that sometimes even intelligent people say, Drink and laugh at the bitterness of the days, O human being, that nature has made it fun to endure sorrow and hunger. This is all a story of destiny. One should not doubt destiny. God gets angry. In other words, the devil has implanted in their minds that every sorrow and trouble has been given by God without any human crime or excess. God has made your destiny like this. The blame is on God, and man is innocent.

Shameful Mindset

You will find these teachings of religious ignorance in every backward society. The religious class has interpreted fate, patience, and trials in such a senseless, illogical way that it has become the cause of destruction for many generations. His illogical interpretation has shown people the path to poverty, condemnation, and ignorance. He has taught people not to cry over the sufferings and troubles that befell a person, not to rebel, not to look for a solution or remedy, but to persevere as a destiny.

According to his teachings, people think that suffering is a test of God. Religiously ignorant people preach that a person or a nation must sit quietly and ask for forgiveness of sins and be patient in such conditions. By being patient and sitting quietly in a corner, one day God will end this problem. It is not said that every trouble and suffering is caused by a person’s own actions. It is not said that the greatest responsibility of a human being is to try his best to eliminate the problems not only of himself but also of other fellow human beings.

Whether it is in the form of poverty, disease, ignorance, or subjugation, he should try his best to eliminate all of them. Not that they should sit patiently knowing their destiny and trial, which is a very reprehensible thought and action.

Our Destiny

God’s religion does not encourage us to live a very active and pure life but commands us. God has given man wisdom. A man should understand the principle of his life’s destiny from the perspective of a grain. Grain has to be found in the soil first, but after a little time, it takes the form of a beautiful, fruitful plant. This is the destiny of the human being: you have to meet the soil before God will give you a beautiful shape and make you fruitful. This is the story of human destiny.

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