Painful Reality And God

Man Is A Painful Reality And God

by Izat Khan

Painful And Strange Reality


It is a terrible reality that a human being is a painful reality. Thousands of parents have killed their children. And thousands of sons and daughters have shown their parents the way to the grave. This horrible reality is still going on. The love of parents and children is a gift from God, and the rest of their relationship is beneficial. During the time of famine, this unfortunate fact also came to light: parents cooked and ate their children to satisfy their hunger. This truth has a very subtle, sensitive, and emotional element.


It is also true that parents bear all kinds of pain and suffering for their children. Especially the mother shows her love in a very practical way. Apparently, this fact is very beautiful, but inwardly, it is also mind-boggling. The love and devotion of parents to their children and children to their parents is a gift from God, not human perfection. Taking care of and training children is a very patient and difficult task. Because of this gift from God, parents can perform this difficult task with great joy.


Gift Of Kind God


If God had not given the subtle spirit to parents, out of billions of people, few people could do this with difficulty. This is a special grace of God on His creation, not the perfection of any human being. Secondly, it is also true that the child keeps paying the parents cash for all these troubles with their innocent acts and mischief. Even when the child is young, under the influence of this divine gift, he helps and respects his parents. Yes, good parents and children indeed continue to color this gift by suffering and suffering themselves.


It never happened that parents and children initially had hatred, but later, through their efforts, they converted this hatred into love and devotion. When a boy disrespects his parents and starts misbehaving, why do parents throw him out of the house? Why do you give it away? Or why do you give up all kinds of connections with it? This is the reason why a boy or girl does not submit.

Principles Of Love

For love, submission has no meaning. Rather, it often happens that such behavior increases love and affection. But parents, what kind of love is it that ends with this behavior of the beloved? In fact, for parents, submission is an object of interest, the source of which is the desire to rule. As their interest is harmed, their love turns into anger or enmity. When the parents are in danger of losing the right to rule, the palace of love collapses.


However, in love, there is no importance or condition of submission, honor, respect, or other material or non-material things. According to the principles of love, the insolence of the beloved in love brings intensity, not a lack of love. In this case, it accelerates the love of the lover. Although this act of the beloved makes the lover sad,


If, God willing, a disobedient boy is ready to throw his parents out of his home, then the love of the parents takes the form of hatred. This matter sometimes leads to murder. Why does this happen? Parents who claim to be the most loving of their children. But this is not true. Why don’t parents respond to their children like lovers in such situations?

ؒLovers Sigh

Lovers say something like this to their beloved on such occasions. Oh, strings of my heart, I don’t feel even a moment without you. I have come to the street of this beloved, so let’s take a little dust from this street as a sign of love. When the beloved leaves the city, the lover goes around saying like crazy that my beloved has left and he has deserted the whole city.



A true lover sends this message to an angry lover, saying, Talk to me or not, have a relationship or not, but don’t leave my city. And he also says to his sympathetic friends, “Now why should I trim my hair and for whom should I wear new clothes, because the person for whom I used to trim the hair has already left the city?” Lover to Beloved also sends this message. No matter what you have to do, do it with passion, but for God’s sake, don’t leave this city so that at least I can see you.

It is a sad fact that man is only a self-interested animal. The love of parents and children is a fictional story If it is not love, then it is a relationship of dear enmity. These are only the entanglements of interest—the work of solving and beautifying—to which we give the name of pure love.#love and man# human love

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