Noble Creation Of God

by Izat Khan

Noble Creation

I have written in many of my blogs that it is a far cry to call a man a noble creature. According to God, if he does not act wisely and obey God’s commandments, he is worse than the worst animal. There are not millions but millions of examples of this in front of us. Yes, this is also a fact: if man is so noble and great that there is someone after God, then he is great. Thus, all the prophets and righteous servants of God are like very sweet and fragrant flowers that enchant hearts. But some flowers attract everyone’s hearts.Looking at these great people, it seems that man is really a noble creation.

Today we will talk about such a charming flower of God. Its charming fragrance proves that man is great.No other truth can be greater than the one who testifies to the truth against you. Hazrat Muhammad is considered by Muslims to be the last prophet of God. His personality is so great that there is hardly an intellectual of any other nation or religion who has not mentioned his greatness and blessedness in good words. These are God’s beloved prophets and their companions, seeing that man is called the greatest creature; otherwise, seeing the actions of a common man, many animals walk in shame.

Whom You Will Fall In Love With

Thus, every prophet of God has a very lovely personality, but the glory and nobility of Muhammad is rare, so people of every religion have sung songs of his love and greatness. Some examples, which I present at your service. This may not be the case with you, but it is the case with me that the greatest reason to stop hating humans is because of these great and blessed people.

Tolstoy will recognize it

The famous Russian intellectual Count Tolstoy writes that Muhammad came to this world as a great reformer. There is such a great and blessed power in his personality, which is much higher than human power

.Hindu scholar Babumakat Dahari Prashad writes that Islam was inspired by Muhammad’s pure deeds and morals. His timeless teachings did not cut necks but connected people’s hearts.

The French historian Lemart writes that great leaders created weapons, laws, and empires. Most of them were destroyed before their eyes. But Muhammad changed laws, armies, and nations, changing the world’s hearts. It changed the world of people’s hearts. Above all, it changed superstitions, religious beliefs, and human attractions and feelings. It made people of every language and race mix.

The former Hindu Chief Justice of Azad Kashmir Lala Kunwar Singh said that Muhammad’s greatest favor to this world is that he taught practical human equality. He erased the difference between color and race.

Montgomery Watt writes that Muhammad’s endurance of all persecution for the sake of his beliefs, the high character of his followers, and his success in achieving the goal are proof of his honesty and trustworthiness.

Renowned researcher Lynn Paul says that Muhammad was a very moral and compassionate person. His generosity and godliness are admirable. Muhammad was a very humble and noble person. He used to invite the poor and do his work with his own hands. He was a true prophet of God.

Hindu biographer Bhagwan Das writes that Prophet Muhammad conquered everything with his love and mercy, and the beauty of humanity came out through him.

Professor Ramakrishna Rao says prayer is the main worship of Muslims, which is performed five times a day. For this worship, the call to prayer is given, which is considered a great and holy work. Muhammad chose an Abyssinian slave for this work. Is it so that racial discrimination can be eradicated in practice? With this loving and wise act, this slave gained a great place among the Muslims.

The author B. Smith writes that the true and good character of a religious leader, his religion, and his followers can be judged by looking at them. By looking at the behavior of Muhammad and his followers, it can be inferred that he was a prophet of peace.

The thinker and dramatist Bernard Shaw showered flowers on Muhammad in such a way that our ignorant and bigoted Christian monks presented a terrible picture of Islam due to religious fanaticism and also did cruelty by conducting a systematic movement against the religion of Islam. I have studied and observed and I have come to the conclusion that Muhammad is a great person. Muhammad was the savior of humanity in the true sense. If we want to bring peace and prosperity to the world, we must follow Muhammad.

John de Naport sings the praises of Muhammad, saying that there is no conqueror in this world whose biography is more complete and true than Muhammad’s.

Martin writes that Muhammad is the creator of laws and constitutions, a military commander, a builder of settlements and regional kingdoms, and a founder of spiritual kingdoms. And putting the scale of greatness in front of him, he can ask: Who else can be more than Muhammad?

Hindu Pandit Shiv Narayan acknowledges the fact that the one who established the rule of God and Oneness over the hearts of these nations by drawing back the black veils of blind imitation was none other than the person of Muhammad.

Chinese author Mang Tong writes that Muhammad was the grace and favor of God for mankind.

Mahatma Gandhi, the great leader of India, says that I am sure that Islam did not spread by the force of the sword but because of the great qualities of Muhammad. His qualities captured the hearts of the people.

Napoleon Bonaparte says that Muhammad’s blessing was the center of gravity. People flocked to him. His teachings and morals made people follow him. The followers of Moses and Jesus did not eliminate as many signs of disbelief in fifteen hundred years as the followers of Muhammad eliminated in just fifteen years. The personality of Muhammad was very great.

Michael Hart writes in his book The Hundred that the most successful person in the world, religiously and secularly, is Muhammad.

GH Wells writes that Muhammad’s Hijjat al-Wida is the first manifesto of human rights. It was the first human revolution that Muhammad demonstrated.

Also, read the testimony of a Muslim. Syed Salman Nadvi writes that if you want to see a conqueror, look at Muhammad after the conquest of Makkah. How was his attitude towards his enemies? If you want to manage your business and worldly affairs in a better way, then look at the management of Muhammad, the owner of the lands of Bani Khyber and Bani Nazir.

If you are a shepherd, read the biography of a shepherd in Mecca. If you want to do business travel, look at Muhammad’s business trip to Syria. If you are a judge of a court, look at Muhammad. How does he keep the Black Stone as a judge in the Kaaba before sunrise to settle a big dispute?

Or look at those judges who sit in the courtyard of the mosque and do not care about a king, a poor man, a rich man, or a rich man. If you want to see the best behavior of the husband of wives, look at the pious life of Muhammad, the husband of Khadijah and Aisha. If you have children, show them the love and training of Fatima’s father and Hasan’s grandfather.

Therefore, whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever stage of life you are in, Muhammad is the best example for you to live your life. Who would say to his followers that if others are not safe from your hand and tongue, then you have no faith? He says if your neighbor sleeps hungry, then you have no faith. He repeatedly tells his followers that only the one who is pious is greater than them. 

I will only say that the greatest reason for me to love life in this world or to be attracted to this world, sympathize with human beings, and recognize man as a great creature is Muhammad, the great and blessed prophet of God.In my opinion, there is no doubt about the fact that Prophet Muhammad is the greatest, most charming, and most noble creation of God.

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