Time And God

by Izat Khan

God And Time

Moments make mistakes, and centuries are punished. Sometimes centuries make mistakes, and centuries are punished. Knowing all this, man is such a cruel and hypocritical creature that even if he had done it, perhaps this time, time would not have done it. He also knows that God will surely punish the cruel and sinful. Man is such a bad creature that he still does not stop with cruelty and hypocrisy. That is why God has made the day of reckoning.

Like us, time is God’s creation. Every moment of this creation is subject to God’s will. Apparently, time seems to be infinite. But it is not unlimited. By God’s will, even a moment can expand to infinity; the infinite is only a moment. Because, like us, it is a creation and not a creator.

Man has devised ways to measure it with his limited understanding. But time determines the goals set by a man about the present and the future, just like a father educates his child in good institutions to become a doctor, but time gives him the position of a good butcher. Thus, there is no control over our time. Even the entire universe cannot control a single moment.

God’s will, not man’s will

Pharaoh sets out to capture and kill Moses and his companions and drowns himself in the Nile River. What charms and miracles does time show? Seeing them, we are overwhelmed with wonder. It creates events and atmospheres that are beyond our imagination.

Time Is Servant

Time tells us that once the Greek man reached the peak of his goodness,. They must have thought that in the future, the boom would be bigger. Of course, they must have thought that now time is our slave. Whatever color we want to mold, it will mold in the same color. Time enslaves the good, but time is the greatest rebel against evil. With time, they showed bad nature; the nature covered centuries of punishment.

Muslims raised the flag of goodness. God named a world for them. Here too, with time, human beings started showing bad nature. God made the night of darkness upon them for centuries. Europe has become a barnacle from this point of view. And has learned a lot, but man does not endure the good period for long.

Software Of Time

These nations tried to mold the time according to their will. We tried to arrange our present and future according to our own will. But time is a creature. It has its own order. Nature has programmed its software; time has to run according to it and not our will. If our software adapts to it, time shows perfection; if not, it can completely destroy our software.

The cities of Europe were once like forests. When the man showed the flag of goodness there, time spread like a happy light that is still shining. Time showed something like this in China. But now, the people of the West and the East want to walk on the path where they make a mistake in a moment and are punished for centuries.

Do you know why a person can’t tolerate goodness for long? When a man is favored by God in exchange for good deeds, then why does he soon become proud, selfish, and self-interested?

Devil Bestows Trophy

Nature tolerates this devilish sin for some time. When a man does not desist from these devilish games, nature then determines humiliation for a long time. It has happened to every nation. Human beings do not stop committing sins like the devil. Rather, it seems that humans have made a condition with the devil that I want to take the first position. The devil would have smiled and said. Go ahead and take the trophy.

Whenever a nation is blessed with freedom and prosperity in every matter, instead of sharing, it begins to make others slaves in every respect. Instead of serving humanity, it comes down to cruelty and injustice. This act is like inviting the wrath of God. God’s order is that you share your freedom and prosperity equally with others, but if a person disobeys God’s orders and does the opposite, then he will surely be punished for this crime and sin for many years.

In every age, we see someone in a nation getting punished in front of us. But the nature of humans says that they will not come back from their crimes and sins. God sent prophets and righteous people to guide and train man.  He also showed the reward of good deeds and the punishment of bad deeds in front of everyone in this world.

but the human being did not stop showing devilly deeds. It seems there is no way to improve human beings. Instead, if man had learned some lessons from his history and present and improved his behavior and actions, he would have become bolder in committing crimes. It is impossible to deny the fact that man is so cruel, self-interested, arrogant, and hypocritical that he cannot tolerate God’s good commandments, goodness, peace, and the spirit of sacrifice for a long time.

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