Most Liked Natural Foods

Different Kinds Of Foods

Kind nature has created many foods that are not eaten but are essential for health, like beautiful scenes,sunshine, good incidents, and golden speech. Similarly, many scenes and things, like bad foods, are harmful to health. Even some scenes and talks that you take inside can force you to go crazy and commit suicide. Among them are some of the most disliked and liked natural foods. Unfortunately, no one gives them the name food, even though they have the same relation to human health and life as other human foods and supplements.

Story Of Every Home

There are some dialogues that you will hear often in every home.”I am not hungry today.”. “I have not been feeling well for a few days.”. “Why have you cut down on food?”? “Why are you losing weight”?”Why have you lost interest in eating and drinking?”? “Why have you lost interest in food?”? “Why don’t you go to a doctor?”? “You’re losing weight.”. “Well, make me a list of the most disliked foods so I don’t cook.”. “Give me the list of your most liked foods so that I can prepare the same foods.”.

This kind of talk and story is a story in every household that sometimes escalates. If you try to know the cause of these problems, different reasons will come up, but in most cases, you will see an excess of negative thoughts or actions like hatred, anger, hypocrisy, injustice, lack of humanity, cheating, lying, etc.

Food marketing is sin.

It is the era of marketing. Advertising and playing with human psychology is a big business, and new knowledge has come into existence. There is a close relationship between human health and food. But this relationship is not so deep that only food is considered a guarantee of health. But marketing, sales, and advertising have made the common man believe that if you eat such and such food, then you will be fit. If you eat this food, then those problems will disappear. It is a game of cheating.

By changing the cooking recipe and a few ingredients of the same food, changing its taste and color, and calling it a new food, the common man is made to believe that he is eating this food for the first time in his life. And this food is going to show miracles in his health problems. The advice of doctors seems to have been defeated by this food mafia. But it has to be written with great sorrow that there is no marketing or publicity about the importance of other invisible foods, although they are no less than visible and edible foods in terms of importance and utility.

 Two Kinds Of Doctors

Sadness happens when even doctors do not look beyond science. Although realities like psychology, prayers, and anxiety are in front of them,. Doctors, if you only consider the structure and function of the human hand or any other organ, then science becomes silent. From there, the greatest science begins. You can call this science divine or prophetic science. Doctors will tell you about exercise and caution, but they may never forbid you from taking the most necessary and important precautions. In fact, these precautions are no less important than the medicines given by doctors.

But 99% of doctors do not give importance to these precautions or are unaware of them. Any intelligent person knows about these precautions. If not, you should find out from one of your knowledgeable spiritual doctors. Every patient should go to a doctor. One should use his diet and medicine as per the doctor’s advice. But doctors do not have a cure for every disease, nor do they know the cause of every disease.

 I have seen not one but hundreds of patients in my life who were treated only by spiritual doctors and recovered. According to my research, those patients got sick because of their negative thinking and evil character. Such patients are not treated by scientific doctors; they are patients of spiritual doctors only.

  Mystery Rules

This world is full of mystery. Human life is also full of mystery. A sick child is born in a king’s palace, and at the same moment, a healthy child is born in a hut. In everyone’s experience, it has happened that when you feel hungry, you cook your favorite food. When the food is ready and comes to your table, if, at the same moment, an accident makes you very angry, your intense hunger disappears. In reality, you ate too much of the invisible food of anger, and your stomach got upset. Not only your stomach gets upset, but all the major parts of your body feel sick.

But at the same moment, instead of the accident of anger, you get the news of some good deed, and then a strange pleasure arises in the appetite. Although you would not have mixed anything else in the food to increase the taste or the fun,. In this way, there are many negativities, such as words, attitudes, characters, scenes, and accidents, which are invisible foods that not only kill your appetite but also poison your health. The best cure for them is good spiritual doctors. Some know the cause of the disease.

Two Conditions

With the radiance that comes on his face due to his arrival, he thinks that the patient is in good condition. In the evening, my heart is extinguished like a poor man’s lampThese two conditions are caused by the same two natural foods. Positive attitude, character, and incidents prove to be very good natural foods. A man should give as much care and importance to the invisible natural foods as he gives to the visible natural foods.

Abundant and long-lasting health would be blessed by those who take great care of these two types of foods. The dream of good health is not fulfilled because we are not able to balance these natural foods. Positive words, attitude, character, and outlook create light nourishment in your body that no material food can produce. It creates amazing immune power in your body and soul. Your soul will not die soon.

Aging of the body and aging of the soul are two completely different conditions. What will you do to a young body with an old soul, or how can you imagine that when the soul becomes old, the body can remain young? It is sad to say that today, in the age of knowledge, man is eating less than half of the food. The result of which is that man has found that the hospitals are also full and the houses are also showing the map of the hospital.

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