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Pure Natural Food

There are still a few areas in the world where the use of purely natural foods continues. Where, despite the lack of education, health, and food facilities, natural foods have kept their health intact. One of them is the Baluchistan province of Pakistan. It is where the brave Balochi nation lives. All their foods are natural, powerful, and very tasty.

I often mention in my blog that all foods that are natural, prepared naturally, and eaten naturally are very healthy for the human body. And every food to which unnatural ingredients are added, no matter how much they are considered necessary for health, eventually causes harm. I have also written a previous blog about one of the prominent natural resources in the same region.

 Know Yourself And Your Diet

Today I am going to write about two more unique foods of theirs that will benefit you. Another very important thing that I write in each of my blogs is that the main purpose of writing my blog is to make people aware of this fact. This fact is about the temperament of the human body. Unless you are fully aware of the temperament of your body, you can never stay fit. Being unaware of this fact, I think you must be unfit or sick.

I write again briefly for the new reading friends that nature has blessed the human body with three types of temperament. Our body has one of these three temperaments. Our bodies will be hot, cold, or moderate. We should eat food contrary to the mood of the body, i.e., food with a cold temperament can benefit a hot temperament. If you break the law of nature, you will be punished in the form of illness.

Salted Meat

Friends, today I am talking about two natural foods in Balochistan. The local name of the first food is salted meat. It is a very simple, powerful, and centuries-old food popular with millions of people. It is usually prepared from goat meat. The way to prepare it is to cut large pieces of meat including the bone. The pieces are boiled well in water. During boiling, turmeric and salt are added as required. After these three natural ingredients, no other ingredients are used in it

. As soon as your meat is thoroughly boiled and decomposed, this powerful, delicious, and very simple natural food is ready. Meat is a heavy food for the human stomach. But the meat prepared in this way is very light for the stomach. Due to the absence of ghee and other spices, this food is digested very quickly. In terms of strength, this meat is more effective than meat prepared in other ways. This is the only natural way to cook and eat meat according to the structure and function of the human stomach.

Very Tasty And Natural Food


Another natural food that is prepared in a very delicious way is locally known as Dum Pukht or Hudi Kabab. The method of its preparation is that after slaughtering a goat or sheep and removing the skin, the intestinal contents of the animal are thoroughly cleaned. The torn belly of the animal is sewn back together. No part of the meat is cut.


The whole goat or sheep is hung in suspended form in a clay oven on the ground. The embers of the fire are placed around the meat in such a way that the heat reaches the meat evenly. The mouth of the oven is well covered with wet clay. The embers are kept in such a way that they cannot touch the meat. And do not heat too much. After two to three hours, the meat is roasted.

Prepared meat is very tasty. No other ingredients are used in its preparation except meat. It is a very powerful natural winter food that is prepared in a completely natural way. It is an excellent food for human health and weak bodies.


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