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Today I have chosen plums as a natural food. How useful is this for human health? According to the natural temperament of the human body, how many good and bad effects does this have?

What is the natural temperament of the human body and how should it use food according to its temperament? This was discussed in the previous blog.

Food that you don’t use according to your body’s temperament will cause harm, no matter how good the food is. First, know the temperament of your body, then use natural food. If you do this, even a low-nutrition diet will prove to be good for your body.


What are the three properties of plums, and what are the three effects on the human body and health? Again, I will say that if the warm-tempered human body is constantly given hot food, his body will break down. Even if he stays in Siberia, I would like to stress that, first of all, make it clear that according to the temperament of your body, it means first to know whether your body is of a hot or cold temperament. A hot-tempered diet is better for a cold-tempered body. And cold-tempered food will be better for a hot-tempered body.


It is natural that when the weather is hot, you use cold items, and when it is cold, you use hot items. But keep in mind the fact that the mood of the human body remains the same. If it is cold, it will always be cold; if it is hot, it will be hot. If the warm-tempered human body is constantly given hot food, the body will break down, even if it stays in Siberia. Now let’s talk about Plum.

This fruit has cold-soothing characteristics. The hot body should eat it daily. After a few days, the body temperature will come into moderation. The body will be refreshed. If five half-ponds of plum are put in water at night and eaten on an empty stomach in the morning, then the liver gets very strong. Sweet plum has more cooling effects than sour. It is very good for a weak stomach and constipation. The cold-tempered body should use it sparingly. If it is sour in taste, it is very useful for women as long as they are warm-tempered.

It is better for drying the throat and mouth. Keep in mind that if the cold-tempered body consumes more of this fruit, it can also get sick, which must be treated by eating hot foods. For the hot body, it is a wonderful fruit that can be proven to be the best tonic to keep the body moderate and healthy.


When the season is off, there is no need to worry. Go to the market and buy dry plums. At night, put one-fourth of it in the water. Early in the morning, drink your water. It is a great blessing from God to have warm bodies. No medicine in the world can keep your warm body cool. Here, nature can help you. Believe my world, you are the best doctor for your body. Judge your body first, then treat it with natural food. One day, you will realize there is no need for a doctor everywhere.

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