Rewards And Punishment
In the holy revelation of Kind God, man has been told that the good deeds or sins done by a person, even if they are equal to an atom, will be presented before him on the Day of Resurrection. Man’s interpretation is that, as you do, you will fill it. This principle is for both worlds. If someone does not understand due to a lack of intellect or knowledge, then it is a different matter. Rather, the kind God has said that whoever does good, the reward will be increased many times, but this is not the case with sin and evil.Because the concept of reward is impossible without punishment,.

These rewards and punishments of the Kind God are clearly and unambiguously present as a bright reality in front of us. The so-called civilized man has now expressed the philosophy that severe punishments spoil the character of the man. May God forgive us. In other words, the decision of our Creator is wrong, and the thinking of the creature is correct.

The same kind of thinking can be found in a savage and cruel human being. Man wants to reform humanity with his educational, social, and reform philosophy. Will the person who cannot be reformed by God’s revelation be reformed by any human concern? Can it be imagined that a human being can ever be reformed without the idea of punishment and reward?

Self-interested animal
Every action of a human being is connected with interest, that is, reward. That is why man has been declared a self-interested animal. A man is ready to do very bad things for his own interest, provided that he is not afraid of punishment. If the law of punishment is abolished from any society for one day, then on the same day this barbarian will commit such cruelties as would not be possible even in a year.

Prophets trained men naturally and spiritually. This training was indirectly God’s training. In his era, there was a completely pure law of punishment. That is why, even today, the example of every good and great deed is from his era. And the example of punishment for every great cruelty and sin is also from his era.

It is very true to think that education is the most helpful thing for good training, but education, whose source of all values should be a revelation,. Yes, sincere changes made according to this interpretation and time would be a worthwhile activity. But the syllabus of training born from humans alone is insufficient for this. If man alone was sufficient for the training and social system of man, the prophets and good servants of God would never have appeared.

Machine And Copy Of Guidelines
Whoever is the creator of a machine must give a copy of the instructions to the user with his machine. God created man and this universe and sent the books to his prophets to run, who explained to us how to run man and this universe. In societies in which there is a quick and cheap system of punishment for every crime in the hands of influential and fair-minded forces and a proper system of reward and encouragement for every good deed, there is significantly more prosperity and peace.

Where this natural system of punishment and reward does not exist, there is a very dirty state of misery and disorder. Another very important fact is that for the person who does not have faith in another life after death, whose purpose in life is to eat, drink, and have fun, rational training remains ineffective. For him, the concept of reward and punishment is meaningless.

Mindset Can be Changed
It is the revelation that convinces him with rational and spiritual arguments of the fact that God is the Creator and Sustainer. It is He who gave life; He will give death, and then He will bring it back to life for reckoning. Good deeds and thoughtful people will be rewarded, and every bad person will be punished for his bad deeds. This is the revolutionary faith that gives man the strength and courage to do good deeds with pleasure and to avoid every wrong and dirty thought.

This thought can bring a better and more sure revolution to our social lives. There are only two main pillars of this faith. Absolute belief in one God and the necessity of punishment and reward. From the beginning until today, the worst problems in the world have been social and economic justice and peace and order. Whenever and wherever this belief was well inculcated in human minds, there was an ideal period of all kinds of justice and peace.

Even today, wherever this achievement is shown with sincere intentions, from there, the ideal era will begin. Without this faith, man is so ignorant and barbaric that he gives importance to illusion over reality and lies where he sees interest, even if other people are on fire because of it. Without it, man is so greedy and selfish that he wants all the rewards for himself and prescribes all the punishments for others.

There Is Light

It is a matter of happiness that in some developed countries today there is a sufficient amount of reward and punishment laws and their implementation. There is also prosperity and peace. The basis of all their values is the concept of punishment in God’s revealed commandments.

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