Pure Natural Foods Of Past

Pure And Powerful Foods

 Friends! As I mentioned in my last two blogs, there are only a few areas in the world that are still eating pure and powerful natural foods from ancient times and these people are fortunately living very close to nature. One of them is the Balochistan province of Pakistan. The foods of this region are very nutritious, delicious, and simple and contain pure natural ingredients.

 It is a fact that people who live close to nature and eat simple foods that have been eaten for a long time have amazing health benefits. These regions and their foods have the status of a medical guide. There is only one precaution that is necessary before eating every food. That precaution is also necessary here. I mention this precaution in my every blog. That is to know the mood of your body and your food. 



Not Food Temperament Matters


This is my faith. If you don’t know the mood of your body and food, then it is better to stay hungry or fast on that day than to eat food. Because knowing the mood is very important. You should read my blog “Not Food Your Temperament Matter” for what is the mood? It is my belief that if you are not eating according to your mood, you are committing slow poisoning and your health can soon be destroyed. My opinion is that seventy percent of sick people are those who do not know their temperament. You may be completely different from my opinion, but in my opinion, if you eat without knowing your mood, you can never imagine being fit.

 Everyone is aware of the fact that diseases take over the human body when the immunity of the body is weakened. If you are unaware of your diet and body, you will surely lose your immunity soon. Therefore, I consider the knowledge of temperaments very important. Pure natural food produces the highest and longest-lasting immunity in our bodies. Man-made food is not a substitute for any natural food. 

Food Of Ancient Times


Let us introduce you to two more natural foods today. The first food, which is called Khadit in Balochi and Landi in Pashto, is very simple, easily digestible, and powerful. The main advantage of this food is that it is moderate in temperament. All temperaments can enjoy this food. This food is moderate in the case when a thin soup of this meat is prepared. But if this meat is roasted and eaten, this food is hot. Therefore, people with a hot temper should not eat much.


Preparation Of Food

The method of its preparation is very simple. After slaughtering the animal, large pieces of meat are taken. A good amount of salt is applied to this meat. These pieces are hung on a string to dry in the sun for nearly five weeks. After the meat is well dried, it is used at home for several days. It is usually mixed with potatoes, peas, or any other favorite vegetable. This food has a unique natural taste. The meat does not change its taste and texture for several days after being dehydrated. Because no artificial or unnatural method is used to dry the water in the meat.

 The thin broth is made from this meat. Ghee and other spices are used less. The bread is soaked in thin and heavy broth. After a few minutes, when the roti is soaked, it is cut into small pieces with spoons and eaten, which is very tasty and easy to digest.

Stone Bread

Another beautiful and purely natural food of this region which has been around since the cave age is also known locally as Kak Bread or Stone Bread. Due to modern conveniences and ease of use, this method is now dying out, but in some places, this method is still used for the benefit and enjoyment of this food.

The method of preparing this bread is that the pieces of stone are cleaned, and the dough is kneaded on them. Then the round stones are collected, and they are heated well by lighting a fire. The dough is coated with these hot, round stones. After some time, very delicious and very beneficial for human health bread is ready. This bread is so delicious in taste that it can be eaten in the form of biscuits or pizza without any curry. After eating, one feels that nature has mixed all the vitamins of heaven and earth in it.

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