Reality Of Love Of Parents

Fatal Reality Of Love

If there is a feeling, then reality does not allow us to breathe. Insensitivity proves to be very fatal for us. Thus, we tell ourselves many lies throughout our lives. We spend our lives in restlessness, tension, and suffering, but we cannot show the courage to express the truth in the form of reality. In history and in the present, there are many such cases in front of us where parents and children have made each other’s lives miserable just for the sake of personal gain. If your experience of the reality of love is completely different, then you are a good and lucky parent or child.

But you can’t say that everywhere the situation is like yours. If you still disagree with this reality of love, experience is needed. You go through that experience, and you will have to agree with me.No matter where you are, this fact will come across equally. You are a ruler or a politician, a factory owner or an ordinary worker, a businessman or an officer, or the head of a household. You should announce your retirement. Hand over all authority to your children. After some time, you will have to face a lot of problems. If no one has to face such problems, then you are a very lucky person.

But still, when you were the owner of authority and resources, and when you don’t have the resources anymore, compare these two solutions, and you will feel a lot of difference. The first child will greet you in the morning and in the evening. But now these greetings will be very few. And sometimes there will be no meeting for many days. And often, there will be a complaint about why you cough more at night.

Be a little cheeky


Now you try to show anger in your mood. Now you try to give orders. Believe that your children’s response will be very different from before. Now try reusing your allocated resources and options. You will not be able to do it on your own. Unfortunate children may even throw you out of the house. One day or another, you will have to agree with my opinion that children and parents who seem to be true lovers and beloveds, if you cut the long line of interests between them, will find each other’s enemies.


After marriage, why often do children get separated from their parents or go away a bit? Although lovers never want to be apart,. Why do children who live with their parents and those who live apart have very different relationships?

Suppose you have two sons. You should divide your property. Give one son more and one son less. Through this process, the love of your lesser son will immediately take a different form. Should this be the case in true and devoted love? Yes, a good son will tolerate this once, but the second time, if you try to harm your son’s financial interests, he may become your enemy. Because financial interests are often dearer than human relationships,. These empty slogans of parents and children are full of emotions and low logic, saying that we will sacrifice life and property for each other.


Our complacency


Second, the false slogan of the so-called love of brothers is also often heard, but this happens even if they are living together and have common financial interests. Have you ever heard that a brother, overcome by the love of his brother, gave all his property and wealth to another brother?

Suppose you marry your son. The son is overwhelmed by the love of his wife and gives more of his time, wealth, or any goods to his wife than to you. So why would your so-called love begin to fall apart in a few days? Why do your sleep and rest begin to be disturbed? If the son continues to do this constantly, then the son is considered illegitimate in your eyes. I wanted to ask you respectfully: Where did the palace of your love go?

History and the present are witnesses to the fact that whenever the interests and authority of a human being are attacked, the feelings of love, sacrifice, and self-sacrifice come under the sole of the shoe.

If any friend doubts this fact, there is no harm in experimenting with it. Once again, let’s assume that you are a rich man and distribute a large part of your wealth to the poor. Your initiative is commendable. With this step, when your children come to the house from the bungalow, they have to get off the car and ride the motorcycle. It should happen that more respect and respect for you will be created in the hearts of the children. But it does not happen. Instead of good feelings, they harbor negative thoughts about you. Yes, good children can not only appreciate your good deeds but will also encourage you. But how many are good in this world?

God lifts the veil

God says that on the Day of Resurrection, parents will refuse to recognize their children, and children will refuse to recognize their parents. Helping each other is a far cry. Where you see more love and care in children and parents, the list of interests will be long. Where it is not so, kiss such people with devotion, because the sky rotates for years, and then somewhere a good person emerges from the dust.

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