Savage Attitude And God


Cruel and Poor Attitudes Of Humans

In my opinion, the relationships and attitudes of human beings are the worst forms of savagery. If a man is the slave of power, wealth, reputation, and lust, then he is the worst form of a savage animal.God has also called such a person a barbarian.

The world currently has about one billion illiterate people. About 25 billion dollars are needed to bring these illiterate people back to consciousness. But 25 billion dollars are not coming from anywhere. Man does not want to eradicate illiteracy. Because the devil inside man does not realize consciousness or any good work.Because the devil inside man does not realize consciousness or any good work. Cruel humans do not want to see their fellow man educated and more advanced than themselves.

Age Of Savagery Or Cave

The age of the cave was the age of a strong body. Then came the age of bravery.
Today’s era is called the era of knowledge and art. In every age, man has tried to keep another man as a slave.

In the present age, the form of slavery has changed. Now there is the worst form of mental slavery and economic slavery, which is more terrible than the form of earlier periods. The so-called just and enlightened nations do not want the rest of the illiterate nations to acquire knowledge and stand up with them in scientific progress. Therefore, billions of dollars are spent to do everything else, but only showy steps are taken to eradicate illiteracy. In this way, man fulfills his savage desire for power, lust, and wealth.

Literacy Versus Lust

Man spends billions of dollars to satisfy his lust but is not ready to eradicate illiteracy from his fellow human beings.

Ignorance of this world can be eliminated with the amount of money that man spends on his make-up every year. In every case, the worst forms of evil can only be seen in the feelings and attitudes of human beings. These evils do not exist in any other creature of God. Every year, about 10 million people die of malnutrition and starvation. Although the wealth gained from tourism alone can change this situation, the savage man will not let the record of his everlasting horror be broken.
Even today, one billion people do not have access to clean water. Millions do not have a home. Millions do not have bread. Millions have no dignity and no ownership of their breath. Millions of people are not allowed to open their mouths to protest. Millions of people live in the shadow of fear and terror every day. Millions are forced to beg every day, directly or indirectly.

Human Savagery and Co-Existence

Forty million people have to fight for their interests every day. Millions of children face physical violence every day to feed themselves.
An estimated 20 million people face humiliation and disgrace every day. You may have seen in the last decades that people in Africa have died of starvation and millions have become sick due to crying, burning, and sobbing. On the other hand, surplus grain was dumped in the sea so that the stinking sea of ​​export policy would not be disturbed.

The attitude Of Humans IS Too cruel

In those large, famine-stricken neighborhoods in the evenings, alcohol and dancing continued. Millions of people died of starvation, but billions of dollars in defense budgets were added to further the destruction of mankind.

A man drinks about one hundred and fifty billion dollars worth of alcohol every year so as not to reduce any kind of human misery and horror. Man uses about twenty billion dollars worth of perfume every year to get rid of the stench inside and outside his body. ۔Man is the savage beast who allocates billions of dollars in the budget for each new horrible weapon for the further destruction of humanity and even puts his best mind into this sinister business.

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God commands, And Man

I believe that man’s relationships, emotions, and feelings are directly linked with his interests. If he has no interest in you, then he has no relationship with you. You can expect savagery and cruelty from him at any time, whether he is your brother or friend. Don’t ask a psychologist, a sociologist, or a philosopher about this horror or selfishness. They only make things more complicated. Ask the Creator about his creation. God has told about his creation that those who do not live according to the way of God and His Messengers are worse than animals. And those who obey the messengers are better than angels. They get better. This is the only way to judge a person.

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