Savage Behaviour of Human

All these horrors tell us that these cities were also forests.


Only the environment changes, not humans

In the last two blogs, we saw the so-called simple-mindedness of the so-called sympathetic rural brothers. Today we walk to the city.We see similar savage and barbaric human behavior in cities. If you live in the city, it is expected that you will be educated and decent. You will also claim to be progressive, have a bright mind, and be a watchman. Your neighbor must be like you. When educated, decent, and bright minds live together, then there should be a view of paradise. Why is hell everywhere?

We assume that you and your neighbors are also decent and enlightened. Suppose you need money to educate a child. Your baby is your last hope. For some reason, you are lacking money. Your neighbors are well aware of this. You go to your civilized neighbor’s house by being forced and helpless. You tell the story of your compulsion and need to request money with great respect.

When you are very humiliated and end your request in the hope that something will be found,. But this dream will not come true. You will find that 90% of people will get angry at your humble request. 5% will be so-called decent people who will make false promises to you. 3% will accept half of your appeal. One percent will help you, but by embarrassing you. Only a truly decent human being will respond to your appeal with complete humaneness.


Yes, if someone’s interests are related to yours, the number of helpers can increase. If someone’s important interests are attached to you, then your help may be more than you expect. How can a person who is not of God be yours? A person who does not care about his God and His Prophet is a very self-interested, greedy, selfish, hypocritical, and cruel creature, and most people are like that. Don’t think that other people are like that and that you are like other ordinary people. If you don’t love your creator and owner, then you must not love his creations either. Your thoughts cannot be better than an animal’s.


Why should anyone cry for this savage soul?



Please take another step. You go to a stranger’s neighborhood in the city. Suppose you suddenly have an urgent need in this stranger’s neighborhood. First, you have to look like a beggar. You have to adopt a very cheerful tone. You have to moisten your eyes. You ring someone’s doorbell and express your dire and urgent need. At first, the landlord will think you are a liar. If you try to be truthful, you will be mistaken for a fraudster. If you are more stubborn, you can be considered a drug addict. If you stand at their door for too long, you can be mistaken for a thief, and you will be kicked out as a thief’s child.

Even if someone takes you to the drawing room after being impressed by your good English and good clothes,. As soon as you describe your need in the drawing, your personality will be ruined immediately, and all manners will be lost. There will be a legal provision for cheating. Second, if this mistake is made by you at night, then you will also be taken to the police station. The details of the previous sin will be taken from you. And thus, eighty percent of the police investigations in our societies will find you a thief or guilty of any crime. Then your condition will not fall on a date palm that fell from the sky but will fall on a big knife.

I think you are an optimist. You should observe humanity in another way. You should go to your district mayor’s office and present your legal problem. In 80% of the world’s societies, you will have to solve legal problems in illegal and unethical ways. If you try to solve the problem honestly and legitimately, your problem will not be solved because you are trying to show humanity. And the majority of humans do not agree with humanity.

You may have serious mental problems with this condition and may have heart or blood pressure complaints. Go to the hospital soon. There is a creature dressed in white who calls himself the Messiah. First, stand at the gate of the hospital and make this prayer or appeal that someone should be the son of Maryam; someone should cure my pain. Here, you take care of your pocket, or your pocket will be cut completely.

Once one pain ends, another will start. Then my advice is that you should try to read these kinds of words out loud. So that you can feel something. Another river was facing me. I got down across a river and saw.

(remaining story in the next blog)

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