Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary Lifestyle

Where scientific inventions have created countless conveniences in the lives of mankind, the sedentary lifestyle is also an invention of scientific inventions. Life is movement. Nature has designed the human body in such a way that if there is moderation in movement and rest, the human body continues to work better. But as soon as immoderation is committed, the efficiency of working in this machine becomes weak. This machine will not last long if this intemperance continues to be committed. A sedentary lifestyle is losing the usefulness of food. In this lifestyle, food is causing harm instead of benefit in some cases. And thus, it is creating many problems for human health. Sedentary life, food, and health are closely related.

Time Changes The Lifestyle

In modern times, human life has become very luxurious due to scientific development  While modern mechanical devices have made life very comfortable, many human health problems have arisen due to their side effects A sedentary lifestyle has become a major problem in modern times, which is not only causing human health problems but also hindering many people from becoming useful citizens. There will be very few people who do not consider their lifestyle a problem for their health.


Food Business and Health

In the modern materialistic era, the business of food is taking the wrong shape. But it is a shameful and reprehensible act to give business form to that sector, which is directly connected with the survival of life. Those who are doing this are guilty of moral crime and sin. They deserve severe legal and social punishment. The food sector is at the top of this sector, which should be given a good name rather than a business. Not just a new name; every person associated with this sector should be trained and given other responsibilities in a special way, the fulfillment of which should be considered an important legal and moral duty. Although a lot of work has been done on this in developed countries, there is still a lot to be done.

The people in the food business are not fulfilling their correct, necessary, and moral responsibility. This business is only interested in selling their food.It is also advertised there, and we believe that it is a righteous service to humanity that ours is only for those who live an active life and not for those who have a sedentary lifestyle. After the doctor, the most effective campaign against this sedentary lifestyle can be done by the food industry. But this is not happening anywhere.

Law Of Nature And Sedentary Lifestyle

There are laws of nature that are irrevocable. If a living body cannot perform such movements or functions as it can perform, and if it makes a habit of not moving or working, then nature will take that ability back from this living being as a punishment. Or nature continues to torture the relevant ability of this body by almost paralyzing or making it sick as a punishment.

In recent times, mobile phones, computers, and TV and the programs and games shown on them have forced men to lie down and sit more. And man likes to rest by nature, and it is a natural thing that when a man gets used to a situation, it becomes difficult to get rid of it. Thus, by making a habit of sitting and lying down, a person can spoil his health and mindset to a great extent. By sitting or lying down for a long time, we are suffering from problems and diseases like heart disease, stomach problems, obesity, muscle weakness, and a lack of mental abilities.

Due to this laziness in life, we are becoming morally and legally guilty by failing to fulfill our social duties. Destroying health is also a crime, but not paying social duties on time due to negligence and laziness is a national crime that is unforgivable, which is the inevitable fruit of a sedentary lifestyle.

Natural Time Table For 24 Hours

In my opinion, nature has divided the 24 hours of the day and night, so there is no room for a sedentary lifestyle. If we look at this division, the sedentary lifestyle is an undesirable practice that creates unhealthy and useful citizens of society. Nature and human intellect have divided these twenty-four hours into eight hours of sleep, eight hours of employment, two hours of social work, two hours of sweat-making exercise, and four hours of family and entertainment. The last four hours can be included in a sedentary lifestyle. Because living in this style for four hours does not lead to an undesirable lifestyle.

Just as physical or mental work for more than eight hours a day weakens the body, a sedentary lifestyle for more than four hours weakens human health. In my opinion, a sedentary lifestyle is a disease in itself because a healthy body cannot tolerate sitting or lying for more than four hours. A healthy body gets bored with this process. So a person living like this for more than four hours should consult his doctor or wait for a disease to develop.

Personal Experience: Sedentary Lifestyle

How much a sedentary lifestyle is a hindrance to a healthy life is fully realized by a person who recovers from an illness and tries to sit first and then walk. I would like to share my personal experience in this matter.

Unfortunately, I have a brain tumor. I underwent an operation. I was bedridden for two months. When I was taken to my doctor to be checked on a stretcher, the doctor asked in surprise, What happened? You are still on the stretcher? I told them that right now I am not able to stand up and walk. My legs and other organs don’t allow me to do that. The doctor laughed and said your organs are fine; you have paralyzed them yourself.

The doctor asked my attendant to make the patient walk three times a day. During the first walk, I felt that maybe if I walked a few more steps, my legs would crack. This is the result of two months of a sedentary lifestyle. But after a few days, my walking and standing became much better. My stomach and mental condition improved a lot. After a month, my health became quite normal. I told the doctor that I am better now with the exercise you mentioned. The doctor said that for the purpose for which God has created human organs, if they are not given full work and are given unnecessary rest, then those organs lose their ability to do their work.

My personal opinion is that in a sedentary lifestyle, a person intentionally tries to make his body useless. To have a healthy life and get the full benefit of food, we have to give up the sedentary lifestyle in any case. A specific time should be set aside for computer, mobile, TV, or any other such activities. You should not try to waste your health, food, and time by lying down or sitting for hours.

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