Selfishness And Deceitful Humans

Fell from the sky and traveled to the palm


In the previous blog, the journey from a decent person to the police and then to the hospital was covered. Today, we see selfishness, deceitfulness, and unjust behavior in man. Now you should also look at the court for justice. Maulana Abu Kalam Azad said that the biggest injustice happened in the courtrooms after the battlefield. I think the one who does justice and the one who gets justice is often unjust. 

To The Court

Therefore, talking about justice in human courts is a waste of time. Man and justice? Justice from judges? This blog is part of the previous blog, so the previous two blogs clarify the purpose and continuity of this blog. In the courts, you will see a black-uniformed creature everywhere. A British thinker said about this creature that it is a very lying and corrupt creature in this universe. The livelihood of this unfortunate creature is to prove falsehood as truth and truth as falsehood, the innocent as pharaohs and the pharaoh as innocent. First, you should frame your position as a black used to do before a white. Even today, in 80% of the world’s societies, this is a dead end in the court from which it is almost impossible to get out. You are very lucky that your problem was not heard. Fortunately, you came out with awareness.



To The Hell

Instead of helping, you were accused of being a thief in the last incident. Remove the accusation of being a thief. You are a gentleman. So you should go to the big political house and tell your problem there. These people are responsible for the development and leadership of the country. It is clear from their speeches and statements on social media that they cannot sleep because they are concerned for the development and character of the nation and the country. But the situation is completely different in 80% of the countries. Looking at the character and thinking of these national leaders, it seems that in reality, their work is to: 

 It is their job not to let any good work happen, and if it is done, then don’t let it go public the name, if it becomes public then don’t let it be rewarded their job not to let anyone do good work. They are the leaders of the nation. In reality, they are those barbaric and cruel creatures who have been hostile to humanity. When you explain your problem to them, first you will face these types of questions. 

Who did you vote for? Party donations? How many meetings and rallies di

Did you attend? How many slogans were raised in our favor? We were beaten many times by political opponents. Did you participate in this war? How many votes were there in your neighborhood? Why did your friends oppose us? Finally, you were caught. Second, you wanted to complain about the police, hospital, and court. These are government institutions. Talking against them is anti-nationalism. Thus, you are guilty of treason.


A creature with many mouths

 The so-called godly beings also live there. They tell the solution to the worldly and post-death problems of human beings and often solve them themselves. Go to them. You should have money in your pocket to talk to this creature. Pay attention to any money saved from police, hospital, court, and traveling expenses because it is said that unless you serve this spiritual being with money, God gets angry. So sir, open your wallet and serve them with an open heart. They will first pray for you. Then they will suggest some prayers for you that you should read these prayers in the morning and evening. God willing, your problem will be solved with prayers. They will also call the police, hospital, and court on your request and call them on a number that is not in use in your country. Finally, you will conclude that this is not the house of the leaders but the house of the devil.



 Go back home and read these words: A new river was facing me, I saw to my dismay when I landed across a river

 My friend, there are other types of creatures here who will show you sympathy, love, and goodwill. You will be surprised that human beings can be so good. You will conclude that human beings here still have humanity. This creature is called the opposition. It will not help you in practice, it will only give its speech. It will waste your time. It will miss the flaws of the government to get your votes in the next election. Come out and sit down and sing:

That the heart seeks, then the same leisure day and night, let us sit as lovers

Get up, but before you step on the road, you should know that heavenly beings can pass here at any time. In the protocol of this creature, there will be a hundred or two hundred luxury cars. This divine creature has less contact with earthly creatures. Therefore, if it passes by, you have to bow down and salute, otherwise, you can be caught in arrogance. If I assume that you meet these human-like creatures. I have assumed, not a definite meeting. Here, you should keep the advice of the elders that you should be careful of the thieves of honor, status, and pickpockets. I am proud of you for having such a strong nerve. You have endured all this.



Other social illusions 

It is evening. Your children will be waiting for you. Buy some groceries and fruit. Enter a shop. Before it happens, tie both your hands behind your back because, according to shopkeepers, you can steal anything with open hands. You have not come to the jungle but to the human market. Here you will have to face all sorts of evils like suspicion, hypocrisy, selfishness, illegal profiteering, exploitation, shamelessness, lies, deceit, defective goods, and artificial morals. Here, you may find an honest shop that is setting the same rate of ghee and salt. You will also find a vegetable seller reasonable who wants to sell his pumpkin butcher meat at the same price. If you want to buy clothes for a child. If you listen to the rate, you will find the back-to-nature philosophy very useful. I remind you that you also have to buy medicine for your old mother. It seems that your pocket is empty. You must find a shopkeeper and borrow it. When you go to your friend’s store to buy medicine. You find it is better to risk the mother’s life than the rate and manner in which life-saving medicine will be available for an old mother. It is too late. Go home and chant these words until you reach home so that some of the burdens are lightened.

The period of happiness will also come, oh life, sorrows were also found without wishing.


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